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Join the discussion on KJ SOMAIYA-SIMSR MBA Admission 2020-22 and get the details about the Admission Process, Fees, placements and cut off.

KJ Somaiya’s Institute of Management, Mumbai is a prominent business school of India with a rich legacy of more than three decades. The institute offers a wide range of course options in masters, doctorate and part-time masters.

1. Brief Introduction about the course

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) offered by KJSIM aims to prepare industry-ready professionals. With an experienced faculty and multiple specialisations to choose from, students get valuable experiences to help them achieve success in the real world.


2. Eligibility 

• Applicant must have completed an undergraduate degree from a recognized university.

• Applicants with more than 2-year work experience are given preference

• Past extra-curricular achievements and the academic result are given weight according to the actual performance of the applicant.


3. Selection Process 

• Applicants will be shortlisted for GD/PI based on their test scores.

• GD/PI will be organised at various centres across the country.

• Declaration of consolidated merit list .

• Applicant must fill course preference details online.

• Online seat allocation based on merit position, available seats, and preference.


4. Application Start and End date 

• The application process starts from –       Already started

• The application process ends on      –       4th February 2020

5. Exam accepted for Course





6. Placements Report for the Class of 2018

• Highest Package –           27.50 Lakhs per annum

• Average Package –           10.05 Lakhs per annum

• Students placed –           99%

7. Scholarship offered by the College

Various need-based and merit-based scholarship options are available to students.

For more information, visit the official website simsr.somaiya.edu/en.

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converted HR today.

w/l after 4th list 281

merit rnk 2282.

P.S. rejected the offer.

best wishes.

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@Bak11  ·  12 karma

Is 2282 your initial merit rank for HR or MBA core

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@Ayush22  ·  31 karma

@Bak11 initial merit rank in general.

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When all colleges are considering the present situation and deducting only 1k as processing fee when asked for refund,Kj Somaiya is deducting 10%,20% and so on of the amount paid, like seriously?? A rational person would definitely chose the best option for him ,do you penalize him with such a hefty amount for not choosing your esteemed institution ?? Is it a money making strategy ?? please start acknowledging the fact that the amount you deduct is someone's hard earned money . Adcoms wont even reply but please do convey it to your management.

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@Rj6997  ·  95 karma
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@Rj6997  ·  95 karma

@sauravvid450 Bro the installment thing was introduced on 24th ,well many had paid before that .Even if 50k has been paid ,your 20% gets deducted ,irrespective of the amount paid the institute deducting 20%,30% is just not justified even if the pandemic had not been there

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Hi adcom Last night i got the offer letter for FS and i gave my acceptance in the morning. When can i expect to get the login credentials for payments?

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@TechnocratPriest  ·  30 karma

@Srishti21p Okayy ...what was ur merit rank Srishti ? and Congratulations

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@Srishti21p  ·  4 karma

@TechnocratPriest thankyou..my merit rank was 1306

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Jinhone admission leliya h Kj Somaiya m sb ek sath mail kro regarding Hostel and mess fees because till December no face to face classes so why should we pay extra money to them?

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@PriyanshiAgg  ·  7 karma

There are online classes till December? Has college communicated this?

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@Anibohi  ·  32 karma

@Shreya130697 the present batch has not been asked to pay the hostel and mess fee yet since the fees will be charged from when we start using the hostel facility and accordingly the fees will be charged...I think the management will look into this issue for the incoming students

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Hey guys, any idea Imc has reached upto which merit rank?

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@ZombieZ  ·  3 karma

Hey i converted it yesterday and my waitlist no. After 4th list was 304

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My login portal is showing blank for many days now, like there is no waitlist number or anything shown. Is the admission process over? 

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@Kekan  ·  35 karma

The rounds have been completed and now you'll receive a call from the Institute if you convert a program. So your portal will remain blank until then.

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Seeing the Last conversions in FS.. I think my updated waitlist will be around 140... So any chance of conversion?

May be
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Hey any ims student over here who have joined ims in 2019 and won't appear cat 20 , PLZZ ping me

@PizzaPasta  ·  0 karma
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@PUNAMGUPTA_98  ·  15 karma


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Hello Everyone,

Is anyone here, who converted core 1-2 days back?

If yes kindly share your intial WL no.

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