List of Upcoming MBA Specialisations and How to Choose

MBA or Master of Business Administration is a course which covers a variety of areas pertaining to the field of business administration such as accounting, human resources, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, business law etc.

MBA is a post-graduate degree which is offered by a number of business schools in India, out of which IIM or Indian Institute of Management is one of the most well-known. There are 20 IIMs in the country, and hundreds of thousands of students appear for entrance exams so as to get enrolled in one of the 20.

MBAs are recognised internationally and are not only accepted when looking to get into the business world but also when looking to get into the public or government sector and other aspects of the private sector.

Most MBA courses offer a set of core courses which the students need to complete, while also offering specialisations which enable them to gain in-depth knowledge about a particular field or area.

Some of the Upcoming MBA Specialisations

As mentioned above, most MBA courses offer specialisations which enable the students to gain more knowledge as well as experience regarding a particular field and help them get prepared for their respective careers.

Here is a list of some of the upcoming MBA specialisations offered by Indian business schools:

  • Communication Management: There are a number of career options which require great communication as well as interpersonal skills besides being able to think analytically, such as marketing, advertising, public relations, digital marketing etc. An MBA in Communication Management is the answer if you are looking to develop the necessary marketing and communication skills with regards to an organisation. This course would help you learn about brand management, advertising, media management, corporate communications, marketing research and analytics etc. An MBA in the said field opens up career opportunities such as Market Researcher, Sales Manager, Public Relations Professional etc.
  • Agri-Business Management: The agricultural sector is a major contributor to the country’s GDP, but unfortunately, the agricultural practices are not as developed or profitable as they should be. Agri-business management is a part of the overall field of business management and deals with making a profit out of agriculture as well as corporate farming. Given that urban and green farming are upcoming trends in the country, this course focuses on areas such as crop production, agronomic equipment and technology management, raw materials, workforce, seed supply etc. An MBA in agri-business management can help you procure a career in Agri-marketing, farm or ranch management, commodity trading etc.
  • Fashion and Luxury Brand Management: The global market for fashion and luxury brands is ever-expanding, and this has led to the need for more professionals who understand the heritage, culture as well as management of luxury and fashion goods and services. This course provides key skills required in this sector such as media skills, product design, brand experience, service development etc. It is well-known that brands are constantly looking for professionals who can create effective campaigns, and this course prepares you for the same. An MBA in fashion and luxury brand management can lead to career opportunities such as fashion retail manager, visual merchandiser, communications and PR manager, product manager etc. in the field of luxury fashion.

There are many other upcoming MBA specialisations offered by Indian business schools such as Sustainable Development Management, Supply Chain Management, Aviation Management, Leadership, Finance, Strategy etc.

How to Pick an MBA Specialisation

Given the fact that there is a long list of MBA specialisations offered by business schools all over the country, it can become quite difficult to pick one. However, it is equally important to opt for a specialisation that will help advance your career goals, and so, here are some things to keep in mind when selecting an MBA specialisation:

  • Interest and Aptitude: You would need to spend a lot of time and effort on the specialisation course, and so it is necessary that you pick one that you have an interest in and also have an aptitude for. Simply having one of the two might make it slightly difficult to do well, and thus, you need to be fully aware of where you stand with regards to a particular course.
  • Career Scope: While it is great to opt for a specialisation merely on the basis of your interest in the area or the desire to know more, it is equally important to go for one which will open the door to different career options. If you are spending so much time learning about a particular field, it is important that you know how it can help you in the future and what job opportunities are available to you after this course and what are the salary packages. And since most jobs require you to have undergone an internship, it is important to find out where you are likely to find one with respect to the specialisation.
  • Career Goals: In most cases, it goes without saying that you have an idea of the field you want to get into or that you know the kind of job you want to end up with. When you choose a specialisation, instead of simply thinking about one which has the maximum career possibilities, you also need to see whether it will help you advance your own career goals; whether it will help you learn more about the field or profession, you wish to get into. In the simplest words, you need to opt for a specialisation that will help you in your chosen career path.
  • The Faculty at the Institute: There is no doubt that the course structure is highly important when choosing a specialisation, but it is key that you know about the faculty involved in that specialisation. In other words, you need to find out who will teach the course and whether they would be able to do so properly because if not, then there are chances that you might get utterly confused and might waste a lot of time.

MBA is an extremely popular course, not just in India but everywhere else in the world. Not only does it come with core subjects but also many different specialisations. It is necessary to know everything about the courses being offered and to make an informed decision when opting for one.

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