AICTE: MBA courses can become PGDM

To put an end on all the controversies over the conversion of management courses, AICTE has allowed the management institutes to convert existing MBA intakes to PGDM or vice-versa. The debate was finally ceased with the permit of conversion.

Apart from this, many other terms have consented between the Association of Indian Management Schools and AICTE in the Bombay High Court (HC) on May 19, 2020. Now, the management institutes also have the sovereignty to regulate both MBA/MMS and autonomous PGDM institutes as distinctive organizations from the same premises.

Convert MBA to PGDM

A novice approved handbook called APH was issued on February 14, 2020, by AICTE. According to this handbook, the management institutions are not allowed to engage both MBA and PGDM courses from the same organization. So, the institutions were asked to make different establishments where they could either convert the MBA into PGDM or vice versa or commence a brand new institution for PGDM students.

Corresponding to the new guidelines stated by APH, a petition was filed by advocate Ashutosh Kullarni on behalf of the affiliation. The primary reason for the appeal was to contend the changes by marking the APH quotes as “drastic and disastrous.” This was done because many management institutions were not able to fulfill the requirements.

It was proclaimed on account of affiliation that the changes introduced by AICTE were not possible to achieve as at least half acre land is necessitated to build a brand new institution in the premises of Mumbai under AICTE norms.

In reply to the petition Mumbai University (MU) filed a sworn statement elucidating how new guidelines are not feasible.  MU also informed that the new rules would not only harm the organization, but the career of students would also be in danger.

Coming to the Conclusion

Justice KR Shriram, on May 19, 2020, disposed of the affiliation’s petition on some consent terms. He also allowed management institutions to convert existing intake from PGDM into MBA or vice-versa in the next two years.

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Source – Hindustan Times 

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