Indus University Scholarship

The University provides various scholarships in the following categories:

  • Students who hail from the SC/ST/OBC quota are eligible to get a scholarship if they secure a 75% in their Higher Secondary Examination.
  • Students who hail from the Minority communities are eligible to get a scholarship if they secure a 75% in their Higher Secondary Examination.
  • Candidates who come from an economically low background are eligible for a scholarship by the University.
  • Students whose parent serves /has served in the military are eligible for a scholarship.
  • The University sponsors a scholarship under the sports quota and to students who are Physically Challenged.

Indus University Facilities:


  • Separate hostels for boys and girls.
  • Spacious, well-furnished and comfortable rooms with 24/7:
  • Power supply, Wi-Fi connection, television, water purifier, water cooler, and facilities for indoor & outdoor games.
  • In-built gym & fitness center is available to promote a fit and fine lifestyle.
  • Canteen serves balanced vegetarian food, which is nutritious as well as appealing to taste buds.
  • First-aid is accessible on the campus, with local hospitals near the campus in case of emergency.

Entertainment & Sports

As an institution, Indus university aspires to prepare its students to excel in the hardcore technical world. Sports and games are one of the best ways to teach several skills required to thrive in this world, such as:

  • Commitment
  • Team-building
  • Leadership skills
  • Winning attitude
  • Handling pressure, and
  • Management & accountability

Participants from the university are sponsored in competitions held within or outside of Gujarat. An atmosphere of fun and games has been cultivated within the campus, providing the essential pieces of equipment and space.

Transport Facility

Safe and secure transport service is available to students and faculty members. The vehicle includes buses, which runs on specific routes covering more than 60% of the Ahmedabad city. Other than private university buses, local buses are accessible too, to reach Indus. Timings of buses are in tune with the schedule of the university.

Library Facilities:

  • Indus library is spread across over 600 square meters. The place is full of informative, scientific, historical, fictional and non-fictional books, covering all the disciplines – engineering, management, research, design, aviation, English, mathematics, science and more.
  • It has a collection of over 26000 volumes of books, besides subscriptions for more than 250 national and international journals. Books, journals, project reports are available on electronic devices, plus in CD and DVDs too.

Computer Labs

Air-conditioned computer labs are available on multiple floors. The university has leased line internet connection, which is locally networked and connected through more than 20 Wi-Fi routers, covering the campus. Computer laboratories are equipped with the most advanced systems for both: Windows and Linux servers. Students can get hands-on experience on the latest software packages and browse selected internet sites at the same time.


Food at Indus is well cooked considering the different tastes and preferences of students and faculty members. Steam boilers are used to cook rice and vegetables, which helps maintain hygiene and quickens the cooking process. To ensure that the food is fresh, hygienic and delicious food served at the canteen is examined regularly. Canteen has been divided into two parts: 1. Students and 2. Staff members. Being capacious both can accommodate about 250 students and faculty members.