BCECE Syllabus 2022

BCECE 2022 Syllabus

Once we are acquainted with the sections, the marks, the marking system and the mode of examination, it is essential that we should know the syllabus of the test. What you need to study is important to know to appear for the paper. Here is a detailed syllabus of each subject that you have to appear for in the BCECE examination.

  • Syllabus:

Section Unit Chapters/Topics
Biology Diversity in Living World  

Classification of living organism based on the five kingdoms

Animal Kingdom- Salient Features

Botanical World

Zoological parks and museums

Plants and their classification

  Structural Organization of Plants and Animals Tissues in animals and plants





  Structure and Function of Cell Cell, Cell wall and cell membrane, constituents of the cell, working of the cell
  Plant Physiology The basic life processes of plant and the structure. Respiration, photosynthesis, etc.
  Human Physiology The processes of life like respiration, digestion, excretion, etc
  Sexual Reproduction Process of Reproduction in plants and animals. Reproduction in humans and all topics related to it.
  Genetics and Evolution Chromosome theory of inheritance

Determination of gender

Inheritance of haemophilia

Blood groups in human being





  Biology and Human welfare Vaccines


Plant breeding

Food production


Sewage treatment

Cancer and aids

Animal husbandry

  Biotechnology and Applications Agriculture, Industry, Insulin, etc
  Ecology and Environment Conservation of biodiversity


Human species

National parks and sanctuaries


Ecological adaptations

Chemistry Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Theories of Dalton, Introduction to chemistry, atoms and molecules, chemical reactions, etc.
  Structure of Atom Atomic Model by Thomson, Rutherford, Bohr. Protons, Neutrons and Electrons, Concepts of orbits, etc.
  Classification of Elements and periodicity in properties Valence, electro negativity,  modern periodic table, etc
  States of Matter Laws of Boyle, Charle. Melting and boiling point, Ideal Behaviour, liquification of gases, etc.
  Thermodynamics Heat



Laws of thermodynamics




Equilibrium, etc.

  Environmental Chemistry Air of environmental pollution

Water pollution

Acid rain

Ozone and it reaction

Molecular reactions


Electrical and Magnetic Properties

  Solutions Types of solutions

Depression of freezing point

Osmotic pressure

Elevation of boiling point

Abnormal molecular mass

  Surface Chemistry Colloids, Properties of colloids, Enzyme reaction, activity and selectivity


  P-block elements Occurrence, oxidation stress

Preparation and uses of nitrogen, compounds of phosphorous, their preparation and uses.

  Chemistry in everyday life Tranquillizers




Antifertility drugs

Mathematics Sets and Functions All about sets, Venn diagram, products of sets, domain, constant, polynomial, sum, difference, etc.
  Algebra-i Need for complex numbers

Linear inequalities

Argand plane and polar representation of complex numbers

The principle of mathematical induction and simple applications

Graphically solutions of system of linear inequalities in two variables

Arithmetic progression, mean, median and mode.

  Co-ordinate Geometry Circle




Standard equations and simple properties of ellipse


Product and quotient

Derivative of sum

Derivative of difference


  Mathematical Reasoning


Converse and contrapositive

  Statistics and probability

Mean deviation of measure of dispersion

Axioms of probability

Occurrence of events

 As is evident from the table above, the syllabus covers all the major topics. Each topic covers a lot of other sub topics. These are mainly chapters that the candidates study during their school and college education. This exam intends to revise the major chapters in biology, chemistry, maths and physics. The above table aims to mention most of the major topics of the syllabus. In order to study each of the above topics, the candidate must choose the best books.

  • Books for Preparation for BCECE:

Books for Physics:

Name of the Book Author
Concepts of Physics Volume 1 HC Verma
Concepts of Physics Volume 2 HC Verma

 Books for Biology:

Name of the book Author
A textbook of biology class 12 P S Dhami
Master the NCERT Biology Vol 1 and 2 Sanjay Sharma

Books for Maths:

Name of the Book Author
Higher Algebra Hall and Knight
The elements of co ordinate geometry S L Loney
A problem book in mathematical analysis GN Berman

 Books for Chemistry:

Name of the Book Author
Modern approach to Chemical calculations R.C. Mukherjee
Numerical Chemistry DR. P Bahadur


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