BCECE Exam Pattern 2022

BCECE 2022 Exam Pattern

A well prepared candidate is one who knows the inside out of the manner and pattern in which the examination is conducted. Hence, it is advisable to all candidates that they understand the examination pattern very well. This information will consist of the sections in the examination, duration of the examination, mode, topics covered and marks allotted. All of this information is vital for efficient understanding of the examination pattern.

  • Examination Pattern BCECE- Tabular form:

Sr. No. Particulars Details
1. Mode of Examination Written, Offline
2. Duration of Examination 4 hours and 30 minutes
3. Types of Questions Multiple Choice Question, objective type
4. Sections and marks

Physics- 100 marks

Chemistry- 100 marks

Mathematics/Biology- 100 marks

5. Total Number of Questions 300
6. Marks allotted to each question 4 marks for each correct answer
7. Negative Marking 1 mark deducted for each wrong answer
8. Total marks held by the paper 1200 marks

 The above table displays all information about the manner in which examination will be conducted, the marks allotted and the duration of the paper. This paper is offline unlike other competitive exams. The students need to use pen and paper and enter the correct answer manually. This exam is also objective type where the candidates choose the correct option for an answer to the question. Each question carries 4 marks. It means that the candidate score 4 marks for each correct answer that is entered. In case the answer is wrong, the candidate loses one mark.

  • Preparation Tips:

It is important that you plan your studies and work as per the plan to be able to crack this exam and secure a decent score. The preparation tips will help you take care of important things you need to pay attention to while you are preparing for your examination.

  • Study Material:

    The books you use to study need to be latest. It is of paramount importance to have the best and most recent study material that is easy to understand and also covers the entire portion.

  • Time Management:

    The management of time is the key to a successful career in life. This is true for BCECE examination as well. Divide your time amongst your subjects and study them well. It is essential to prepare a time table and follow it strictly. Divide the syllabus evenly a per the time you are going to take to study each topic. Start preparing well in advance to prevent unnecessary haste during examinations.

  • Study Plan:

    Make a study plan that is practical. You must be able to follow it. This is one thing you have to chalk out for yourself. That is because only you are aware of your capabilities and grasping power. Hence make a plan to study each topic well and do not skip any topic. Spend less time in unnecessary things like surfing the internet and pick your books more often. Even if you finish the syllabus, you can use the spare time to revise what you have learnt. More than one revision is also very effective.

  • Prepare Notes:

    You may have all the study material to aid you but there is nothing like self prepared notes for a good memory. Things you write down will last long in your memory and you will skip any possibilities of making mistakes. Use this key advise to specially study the topics that you find difficult.

  • Look after yourself:

    All of the effort you put during your examination is wasted if you feel weak, do not eat well, have sleepless nights or if you are down with any illness or disease. Hence take good care of your health. Skip eating outside, junk food to prevent common illnesses.

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