The Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship situated in Bangalore, Karnataka is a top private MBA college in South India. Since its establishment 29 years ago, XIME Bangalore’s aim has been to provide an ethical, value-based and modern curriculum to the students.

With a unique course structure, XIME Bangalore has been able to successfully meet the objectives over the past few years. Practical application of the management subjects is crucial when it comes to the MBA and its equivalent courses.

With multiple internships and live project terms, XIME’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management’s course structure is a fine blend of practical and theoretical knowledge of the business world and the academic area.

The total credit for XIME Bangalore’s PGDM programme is 129. A 2 months and 5 credits worth Summer project between the First and Second Year study allows the students to associate and implement the theoretical learnings in real life. the students to put into practice many of the key concepts they will have learned.

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XIME Bangalore that is also relevant and applicable to XIME Kochi and Chennai.

XIME Bangalore PGDM List of Electives

The Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship offers a wide range of elective choices, 70+, to its students. The students of XIME Bangalore will have the option of choosing their specialization field and subject choice from the following.

  1. General Management– Students opting for General Management will get 8 elective choices. The topics under General electives are Global Markets and National Policies, Managing a Family Business, Design Thinking, Management of Healthcare, Social Media and Reputation, Creating a new Venture from Idea to Launch, Changing facets of Indian Management and Leading Non-Profit Organisation and Social Enterprises.
  2. Marketing- There are 15 electives to choose from when it comes to the Marketing specialization. Some of the electives include topics like Marketing Research, Business To Business, Retail Management, Digital Marketing, Rural Marketing, Marketing of Financial Services, Consumer Behaviour and Advertising and Sales Promotion among others.
  3. Finance- The maximum number of elective choices are present under the field of Finance. XIME offers its PGDM students with 19 Finance elective subjects. The big list of options includes topics like Merchant & Investment Banking, Venture Capital & Private Equity, International Finance, Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management, Corporate and Retail Banking, Strategic Management Accounting, Wealth Management, Indian Banking and Financial System and Enterprise Risk Management & Insurance amid other topics.
  4. Human Resource– The candidates with a knack in Human Resources will get a total of 12 elective options. Topics such as Competency-Based Management, Labour Law, International perspectives in HR, Talent Acquisition and Retention, Industrial Relations, Knowledge Management, Corporate Social Metrics & Reporting, Organization Planning & Development, Strategic HRM, etc are part of the Human Resources electives.
  5. IT & Analytics– 11 choices are offered under the IT & Analytics domain. These include topics like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Analytics using Excel / R / Python, Introduction to Big Data and Big Data Analytics with Tools, Data Mining, Information Systems for Managers, Cloud Computing, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence and IT Project Management, etc.
  6. Production & Operation– XIME presents the PGDM students with 6 options when it comes to the Product & Operation domain. These are Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management, Strategic Operations and Innovation Management, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma and Operations Management in Services Industry.

XIME Bangalore MBA Fee Structure

The tuition fee for the 2-year full-time PGDM Programme in XIME Bangalore costs Rs. 10 Lakhs. With the same curriculum and course structure, the fees of XIME Kochi and Chennai is Rs. 7.50 Lakhs respectively. The fee component excludes the on-campus hostel charge of Rs. 9,000 per month for all three campuses.

XIME Bangalore Scholarships & Awards (applicable for Chennai and Kochi campuses)


  • Merit-Based Scholarships- The top 10% of the students will receive 20% to 65% scholarship in addition to other meritorious awards.
  • Merit cum means Scholarships- XIME will award 20 deserving students of Bangalore, Kochi and Chennai scholarships of Rs. 1.25 Lakhs.


  1. Rs. 10 thousand Awards– Best outgoing students of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Operation specialization will receive an award of Rs.10k respectively.

The best student showing Entrepreneurship potential and with the best Summer Internship Project will also receive Rs. 10k respectively. Students showing the best Humanitarian Spirit and Service, Musical talent, obtaining third place and the best speaker of each institute will also receive an award of Rs. 10,000 respectively.

  1. Gold Medal Awards– The best all-rounder student, student with the highest CGPA of the outgoing PGDM Batch will each receive a gold medal.
  2. Rs. 20 thousand Awards– The student securing 2nd place in the category of Outstanding Academic Performance Award will receive a cash award of Rs. 20,000.
  3. Rs 2 Lakh Awards– Few Meritorious students will be eligible to receive scholarships worth Rs. 2 Lakh.

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