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I graduated from IIM Kozhikode in 2022 after completing a year-long PGP in Business Leadership. Throughout the year, I saw how the programme aided my peers and me in our overall growth and placement. My experience with IIMK PGP-BL was encouraging and provided me with memories and confidence I will keep with me for the rest of my life. One-year programmes, particularly in India, are designed for talented applicants with diverse experience. I keep stating that PGP-BL is a buffet, and it is up to the applicant to choose what they want to eat from the menu.

I have bifurcated my whole journey and experience into sections and attempted to explain each section as a whole. I’ll try to simplify academics and placements because they’re essential for anybody choosing a B-School and then getting into the campus, student life, administration, and alumni base.


The major companies that visited the campus for my course were Amazon, Microsoft, Publicis Sapient, Bain, Jio, Accenture Strategy, Accenture Technology, Zinnov, and many more. These companies majorly came for roles such as Product Management, Technology and Management Consulting, Operations, and Program Management. For the placements, the faculty and administration suggest to the students that they try being a part of prominent companies’ live projects and engage in competitions conducted by corporate. Even though the course has had good placements in the past, it has great potential to grow in the future with the increase in its alum base.


The curriculum included a diverse range of topics and brushed upon the major contemporary concepts. We also had workshops from pioneers in different fields. These helped us get additional knowledge on both technical and professional skills. There were simulations in the coursework from renowned institutions such as HBS, Stanford, and NYU, providing the students with global exposure. Every student was given a chance to engage and learn from the simulations. In the final term, we had a mandatory Capstone Simulation, which exposed us to finance, marketing, HR, Operation, and Supply Chain simulations conducted in groups.

Along with the extensive curriculum, we had the chance to select from a wide range of electives. They included courses such as Merger & Acquisition, Human Psychology, Organizational Behavior, and many more. We also had a core course- Venturing Lab, where we got the opportunity of building a startup from scratch, thus, touching upon all the facets of business from marketing finance to HR.

Global Exposure

As a part of IIMK’s curriculum, we could be a part of the International Immersion Programme, where we had the opportunity to gain a global perspective by visiting B-schools across the globe for two weeks. From my international experience, I learned Luxury Management and International Business from SDA Bocconi.

Teaching Pedagogy

The faculty was constructive with an excellent grasp of their specialized field. Their unique teaching pedagogy helped me gain a holistic understanding of the field. They were enthusiastic to not only focus on the coursework but were also interested in imparting knowledge beyond the book. The teachers created an immersive experience and helped students hone their skills within and outside the class. The course offered a dynamic methodology with peer-group study, assignments, quizzes, and simulations. The simulations were conducted in groups, and the study groups proved to be highly beneficial as every student had the chance to learn and interact with peers from different industries. I interacted with some students who previously worked in premiere MNCs, and gaining their perspectives gave me a deeper understanding of the professional world.

Campus Life 

The campus is placed amidst a forest in the mountains in Kerala. It has rich flora and fauna and is exceptionally close to nature, making it a peaceful abode. A dynamic spirit on the campus emerges, especially during the festivities, be it Onam, one of the main festivals, or any other festival. These festivals are celebrated yearly with food and gatherings, making it a great time to let off some steam and interact with your peers. IIMK also has an excellent place for sports, squash, volleyball, basketball, or swimming pool. Now and then, different activities are happening, be it extra-curricular, sports, or cultural. Some of my best memories are made outside my classroom when I engaged in festivities across the campus.


Known as a student-friendly campus, the administration office and student bodies constantly work towards enhancing the experience of the B-school. As an Elected Representative of the Students’ Committee Member, I know how each part of the administration works toward the welfare of the students.

After considering the above factors and looking at how IIMK has trained individuals into skilled professionals ready to step into the corporate world, I am confident that this one year spent at IIMK would be the year of transformation. This will help you grow, create new networks and memories, while also helping you learn the integral concepts of business. I highly recommend you to consider IIMK BL if you have three years of experience and a good CAT/GRE/GMAT score.

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