This season, the second batch of the one-year residential Post Graduate Programme in Business Leadership (PGP-BL) at the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIMK) attained a perfect placement rate. The average pay earned by students was 29 lakh per year, a 20.1 per cent rise over the previous year, while the median wage was 25 lakh, a 22.2 per cent increase from a year earlier.

52 organizations participated in the recruiting, making 62 offers, including one overseas offer, to 53 participating students. The highest pay provided was 69.3 lakh, with women participants receiving an average compensation of 30.41 lakh. The batch had a broad group of participants with pre-MBA employment experience in various industries, including manufacturing, technology, automotive, energy, retail, finance, healthcare, legal services, and family business.

The consultancy cluster was responsible for over 42 per cent of the hires, while the information technology and analytics area were responsible for 22 per cent of the offers. Organizations continued to recognize IIM-comprehensive pedagogy, with over 25% of general management and operations posts offered. Sales, marketing and financial positions were offered to 7% and 3% of students, respectively. Prof. Debashis Chatterjee, Director of IIM-K, said that this broad offering demonstrated, for the second time, that the institute’s aim of nurturing young people with experience as prospective business leaders was on a solid academic and industrial foundation. Prof. Qambar Abidi, placements chairman at IIM-K, said that the rising success of the business leadership programme was a testament to recruiting partners’ trust in the institute’s high-intensity and comprehensive curriculum and regimen.

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