Due to the pandemic, there was an air of uncertainty with regard to the placement process. However, the PGP-BL Placement team with the support of the Institute completed the placement process in a stellar manner. Brushing aside the pandemic’s ripple effect, IIM Kozhikode successfully closed the placements for its first batch of PGP-BL. Here we have a first-hand experience of Tanya Sudan, an IIM Kozhikode student who got placed in a leading organization through the placement drive.

Q. Please share your interview experience with us.

A. Even though the industry was still getting used to virtual hiring post-pandemic, I had a very smooth interview process with both the company I was interviewing for. My college administration ensured that we were relaxed and comfortable throughout. It was a day-long process taking us through 4 rounds, each being elimination – 2 technical & a round with an MD, and then a final HR round. It was a comprehensive process that tested every side of our aptitude.


Q. What was your preparation strategy for this interview? 

A. One of my main focus areas when I joined the MBA program was to eventually prepare myself for a consulting role. Therefore, all through the course, I relied heavily on case preparations and honed my problem-solving skills. The knowledge I had gained through my MBA courses, along with the industry know-how I had picked up from my cohort, helped me feel confident before the interview. A day or two prior, I tried to relax and stay away from last-minute readings. Instead, I tried to find out more about the role, the company, and its culture. I was more excited about the opportunity than anxious before going into the hiring process.


Q. Tell us more about your job profile? 

A. I am a part of the Technology Strategy and Advisory practice of Accenture Strategy. We are involved in various activities, from supporting organizations, developing their technology strategy, and assisting with transformation implementation activities. Passion for technology and sharp problem-solving skills are an integral part of the daily work that spans cross-industry projects, business/market development opportunities, research papers, etc.


Q. Can you list the must-have skills required to become employable by top brands in India? How did your time at IIM Kozhikode help you achieve this? 

A. Accenture Strategy looks for candidates who enjoy solving problems. It is a perfect mix of business strategy and tech advisory. The Consultant chooses to specialize in a technology business model and learns about all the industries/functions from their chosen technology’s perspective. The business and strategy acumen that I picked up during my MBA and my background in tech (software engineering) came in handy. Exposure to different industries or adequate knowledge is an added benefit.


Q. Can you describe the most challenging part of your job? How was your learning helpful to handle it? 

A. Working in a high-performance environment can be quite daunting at first and is the biggest challenge one needs to overcome. What helped me break out of this headspace was my confidence in my abilities and the business expertise I had built up during my MBA. The key is to not focus too much on the enormity of the problem but to break it down into smaller, solvable chunks. The high-intensity case discussions, simulations, and a highly collaborative MBA environment are quite helpful in getting you ready for this.


Q. What, according to you, are the 3 essential things one should consider before joining any management degree program/B-School? 

A. I think one should be ready to step out of their comfort zone and unlearn many things. An MBA gives you a well-rounded view of how businesses and sometimes societies work. You should be ready to have your opinions questioned, shattered, and reconstructed.


If not complete clarity, having a broad idea about your career goals could help choose the right MBA course for you. Not every course will align with your ambitions, and going into a program with this clarity is a must.

The batch of 2021 AT IIM Kozhikode witnessed stellar placements. The top 5 percentile of the students who participated in the placements bagged an average CTC of Rs. 45.90 LPA. The average CTC of the batch was valued at Rs 24.20 LPA. In spite of the testing times, the diverse batch has demonstrated resilience and dedication, indicating their leadership potential for today’s VUCA world. The placement team for the Business Leadership programme at IIM Kozhikode had completed the placements process for its inaugural batch with flying colors.

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