IIM Kozhikode has yet held up his pride with yet another annual completion of the placement season of the PGP batch of 2017-2019. IIM Kozhikode is one of the most sought-after institutes in India owing to the pool of talents, experience and the aspirations that the students carry along at the institution.

The students at IIM Kozhikode are believed to demonstrate a perfect combination of innovation and a sturdy sense of social responsibility. The vision of the institute, ‘Globalizing Indian Thought’, helps the students to become better market leaders and redefine the paradigms in the industry.

The high expectations of the industry for IIM Kozhikode is a reflection of the benchmarks of excellence set by its students.

Maintaining its legacy of giving the best students to fill in the leadership positions of the companies, this year too the students were offered roles in the domains like Investment Banking by Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, consulting and strategy roles by Bain & Co., BCG, McKinsey &Co., and Deloitte, Operational leadership roles by Amazon and HUL.

Apart from that, firms like Capgemini, Mahindra, PRG, and TAS offered the roles to the students that aim at accelerated leadership positions.

Celebrating Women Leaders

IIM Kozhikode displayed the importance of diversity and the idea of equality at the institution during the final placements season of the PGP batch of 2019, with 26 percent of the batch comprising of women students.

Several coveted roles were extended to the women by reputed firms like BCG, Citibank, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, HUL, ITC, Mahindra and many others at the final placement season at IIM Kozhikode for the PGP batch of 2019 to encourage women to serve in the industry.

Goldman Sachs conducted a ‘Women emerging in Finance’ session on campus and hired women in large numbers. Adding to this, the institute management has declared an increase of 60 seats for women commencing from the nest session.

Highest CTC offered was INR 40.50 Lakhs per annum for Operations domain

The final placement at IIM Kozhikode that closed in a record time of 6 days saw the participation of 366 students. The highest CTC claimed by the students of the PGP batch of 2019 at IIM Kozhikode was INR 40.50 Lakhs per annum for the domain of Operations.

The Mean CTC was calculated at INR 20.67 Lakhs per annum while the Median CTC stood at INR 18.50 lakhs per annum. More than 50 percent of the recruiters for this placement season was ranked in Fortune 500.

The top 10 percentile salary offered to the students at IIM Kozhikode was INR 32.86 lakhs per annum, top 25 percentile was INR 27.05 lakhs per annum, and top 50 percentile stood at INR 23.74 lakhs per annum.

100 percent placements were bagged by the students with 390 offers from 107 organizations in which 21 brands were new on the campus.

42 IITians among PGP batch of 2019 at 32.86 lakhs per annum

With around 85 percent of the students belonging to the Engineering background, there were 42 hailing from the IITs, 72 hailing from the NITs and 10 from BITS PILANI.

7 percent of the total number of students for the PGP batch of 2019 at IIM Kozhikode came from Commerce background with 8 of them coming from SRCC. 3 percent came from Science background, 2 percent from Arts background and the remaining 3 percent from the other educational backgrounds.

About 25 percent of the students were freshers with no work experience while there was 5 percent of them who had a work experience of over 3 years.

33 percent of the students had a work experience of more than one year, but less than 2 years, 23 percent had a work experience of 2-3 years while 14 percent students had a work experience of less than a year.

Domain Highlights for the Placement season of 2019 at IIM Kozhikode

30 percent of the students chose the offers from the domain of Consulting, with the Highest CTC salary of INR 34 lakhs per annum in the domain. The average CTC for Consulting was INR 20.84 lakhs per annum, which saw an increase of 20 percent as compared to the previous year.

The second most sought-after domain was Finance, with 21 percent choosing the offers of this domain and the highest CTC offered for Finance was INR 38 lakhs per annum. The average CTC for Finance was INR 18.41 lakhs per annum, which saw an increase of 15 percent as compared to the previous year.

Followed by Finance was General Management with 10 percent of students opting for the offers in this domain. The highest CTC offered for General Management was INR 27.50 lakhs per annum with the average CTC of INR 20.51 lakhs per annum, with 10 percent increase than the last year.

IT and Analytics offered the highest CTC of INR 35.94 lakhs per annum while the Operations offered the highest CTC at INR 40.50 lakhs per annum.

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