How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning (LR) for CAT 2019

Logical Reasoning has turned to be the most significant segment of the CAT test in the recent couple of years. This is because, Logical reasoning, popularly known as LR, is evidently the aspect that brings on the application capacities in both quants and English together. The memory based questions come to a halt here and the real test of one’s thinking capacity is tested in this section. So, LR is a test of knowledge and skills.

According to the expected CAT 2019 test design, the DI and LR segment will have a period time cutoff of an hour to attend 32 questions. Obviously, practice is the most ideal approach to plan for LR segment. Nonetheless, it is fundamental to be aware and keep a watch as there is sectional time cutoff to endeavor each area in CAT 2019.

Great scores only in DI and LR won’t add to the general percentile, as the sectional time cutoff during the exam time and the percentile variations for different sections are also taken account into by many tier – 1 B – schools.

Subsequently, it is significant amid preparations stage to understand and plan about how to plan for CAT 2019 LR segment to achieve the desired percentile in the section. With no appropriately characterized schedule, or set of themes and ideas on which the questions might be asked, Logical Reasoning is one of the significant and torment regions in CAT 2019, and other Management selection tests.

CAT 2019 LR Preparation: Major Topics 

It is common sense to know about the outline of the subject before we go ahead and create a preparation strategy. So let us now try to understand the major topics, based on which the maximum number of questions are asked in the CAT examination

  • Blood Relations and Family Tree.
  • Tournament Based Questions.
  • Mapping and Best Routes.
  • Groupings and Patterns.
  • Seating Arrangement.
  • Circular Arrangement.
  • Logical Connectives.
  • Deductive Logic.
  • Syllogisms.
  • Logical Sequence.
  • Number and Letter Series.
  • Binary Logic.
  • Calendars.
  • Cubes.
  • Clocks.

As we are aware about the importance of this section and know the syllabus and the pattern, let us try to bring on an executable strategy for preparation, that would help you to get the desired percentile in CAT 2019.

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CAT 2019 LR Preparation: Study Plan and Resources

  • Understand 2 LR Case lets every day, for the upcoming five to six months from now.
  • When comprehended, examine how you explained alluding to the accessible preparation. Likewise, when you get a case let wrong, analyze to see where your perspective turned out badly on the rationale of the given case let. Attempt to keep away from this slip-up when you understand the case lets on the next days.
  • Old CAT LR Questions are the best source to get ready. Be that as it may, more than illuminating, going through them is progressively significant.

As referenced in the previously mentioned point also, don’t leave questions or case lets unanalyzed and don’t move to start with one past paper then onto the next without examining and working on your errors and how to avoid from it before focusing on the next chosen past CAT paper.

  • Among online assets, Logical Reasoning Course offers assignments alongside the course which will assist you with Logical reasoning which is evidently the most significant CAT LR topic and the other assortment of questions.
  • The book selection for the preparation of the LR section of CAT 2019 has to happen considering the fact, that exposure to variety of questions under this sub topic is the only way to ace through the section. Therefore, choose that book which explains the topic and also gives you lots of questions to be answered at the end of it. It should also include the previous years’ question papers of various management exams, so that an aspirant gets the real time feel of the quality of questions expected in CAT 2019
  • Speed and accuracy is the heart of ACT 2019. Time Management is extremely essential. It is critical to get the rationale of the given case let. Try not to stay stuck on the same case let.

The biggest issue while solving the LR questions is that the students feel that every questions need to be solved by thinking out of the box. In reality, most of the questions are not away from the obvious and a different perspective or line of thought can clear the question.

All in all, the LR is highly scoring topic, provided you are thorough with the topics and also have practiced well.

To ensure such thorough practice, subscribe to our page and ensure you practice it along with your friends.

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