How to Score 100 Percentile in CAT 2019

No one enters a game field to lose and no one applies for an examination to score lesser than the cutoff. However, there are a handsome few who always wish to go for the complete value and very a few amongst them actually work towards attaining their dreams of 100%. This article speaks to such candidates. If you are one amongst those who are hungry enough and can take all the pains to sail through, we are with you. Let us together now go through the complete know-how of doing the best in the business.

The number of candidates scoring 100 percentile is increasing year on year and this clearly depicts about the increasing competition. CAT 2019 is definitely going to be more competitive than the CAT 2018 and that’s how it operates.

Well!! “Success is place for few, who did things differently than the mediocre”. Going the extra mile in every aspect, right from understanding the structure of the examination to taking more tests, starting early and most importantly showing consistency in actions.

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Trying to understand the CAT 2019 structure:

The best performers always know their enemy well. So they are they aware about their own strengths. For this, it is inevitable for a CAT 2019 aspirant to know about the examination structure in detail.

In most of the previous examinations of CAT, the correct answers were awarded with +3 marks while the incorrect answers will take way 2 marks (1 for wrong answer, and 1 for negative marking). The unattempted question will take away 1 mark from the required tally.

The concept of Net Score:  

If the candidate has scored ‘x’ marks after deduction of negative marking, then, the net score of the candidate will be ‘x/3’.

Considering this, let us try to understand the net score that might be required to reach nearer to the 100 percentile scores.

Research from multiple sources has revealed that, for a 99 percentile score, the following have been found to be the net scores

  • QA – net score of 70-75 (23-25 attempts out of 34)
  • DI & LR – net score of 65-70 (22-24 attempts out of 32)
  • VARC – net score of 55-60 (20-22 attempts out of 34)
  • Overall – net score of around 175

Very few candidates go ahead and reach the mark of 100 percentiles and in general, anything above than the stated net scores can take you between the 99 percentile and the 100 percentile.

An average of the score of students who scored 100 percentile, would like in the following way:

  • QA – net score of 96
  • DI & LR – net score of 73
  • VARC – net score of 87
  • Overall – net score of around 246

Now remember the numbers and prepare accordingly, and yes 100 percentile in Cat 2019 is definitely possible.

Now that the structure of the examination and the expected score reach 100 percentile is revealed, let us try to focus on summary of how the actual 100 percentilers prepared and these were the aspects which were common in all the achievers:

  • Developing a preparation strategy: “Not preparing to win, is preparing to fail”: Considering the structure of the examination and your strengths and weaknesses, it is most required for you to have a preparation strategy and scheduled time table or a plan to execute. The next important thing is to ensure that you are consistent in achieving those plans.
  • Fundamentals bring confidence: Basics first – As the heading itself says it off, it is evident that a candidate with strong basics will have higher confidence. It is similar to constructing a building, where without a proper base, everything else seems just impossible. So ensure that your basics are strong before you go ahead for practice sessions.
  • Mock and Analysis: There is a mixed opinion here. Many candidates feel that repeated mocks will not take you anywhere as taking mock and analyzing takes a lot of time. However, another set of achievers feel that repeated mocks help to understand the minutest of the weaknesses and quickly act upon them. But they too agree that ir highly time consuming and therefore need a lot of patience. So, find out what fits in the bets for you and act accordingly.
  • Depend on your strengths: CAT apart from checking your conceptual ability, also tests your capability to take decisions in tough times. Thus, relying on the topics, which you consider yourself as strengths are highly important to ensure that you reach closer to the 100 percentile score. Apart, to get 100 percentile in CAT 2019, it is not essential for any candidate to get 100 percentile in all the sections.
  • Accuracy and Speed: This boils down to the crux of the CAT 2019 examination. However good you are in the concepts, it is essential that you perform with great speed and accuracy on the examination day. Ensuring that you have practiced to achieve the speed needed for the examination by taking repeated and periodic tests is the only rescue for this.

With this, we sincerely hope that you now know the ways to hit 100 percentile. As PaGalGuY specializes in consulting for MBA entrance examinations, stay here for more updates about the MBA entrance examinations and share it among the MBA aspirants of 2019 – 21.

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