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Latest Updates:

● Released Admit card : 23rd October 2019 at 5 pm

● CAT 2019 Exam Date: 24th November, 2019.


Candidates can download their CAT Admit card through official website –


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CAT QA Explainer | Indices Surds Logarithms | Properties of Indices | Algebra | Numbers

In this session of CAT QA Explainers, we look at basic properties of Indices that can be used to solve questions from CAT, XAT and IIFT Papers. Master these easy properties before you waste your time on remainders, last digit and factorials area of Numbers.  

CAT QA Explainer – Properties of Indices

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Planning for MBA from premium B-schools? 


Here is all that you need to materialize your dream! Join Phoenix Global (A team of 15 IIM Alumnis) Webinar on CAT 2020, know more from CAT 99+ percentilers and IIM ALUMNI!


What is CAT?

Preparation Strategies

How to secure an IIM Admission?


When: Sunday, 12 July 6:00pm (date changed)

WEBINAR Registration Link (REFERENCE should be put as - Japleen Kaur):

Contact to join group: 9592314463

Comment DONE once registered and ping on above number!

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CAT QA Explainer | Indices Surds Logarithms | Indices – Basic Powers | Powers of 2,3,5 and 7

Students fret over what to study for CAT QA especially Numbers and Algebra. Indices, Surds and Logarithms are what they should study – along with their manipulations. These are low hanging fruits that make up around 15% of the CAT QA Section. Way more than last digits, remainders, probability, etc.  

CAT QA Explainer – Basic Powers

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JKLU successfully completed 100% placement for the MBA Class of 2017-2019 in the month of January. Here's a quick snapshot of some of our returning recruiters, new companies on campus and salaries for the batch.

Read the full report here:


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CAT QA Explainer | Progressions | Miscellaneous Progressions | Summation | Using Options

In this CAT QA Explainer Series, we will be looking at progressions that cannot be classified as Arithmetic Progressions or Geometric Progressions. While these can get very tricky, we usually get options in these questions. So we try to use the options as much as possible to speed up the time needed to arrive at the final solution.  

CAT QA Explainer – Miscellaneous Progressions

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Hello Aspirants,

Hope your Preparations are in full swing.

Here is Set-38 of our 100 LRDI CHALLENGE SERIES For CAT-2020. 

Stay Tuned For more Such Amazing Stuff.

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CAT QA Explainer | Progressions | Geometric Progressions | Sum to Infinite terms 

Geometric Progression is very similar to Arithmetic Progression with a few differences. In this CAT QA Explainer series, we use the basic concepts of Geometric Progression to solve some CAT Level QA Problems

CAT QA Explainer – Geometric Progressions

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CAT LRDI | Calculations | Multiple Bar Graphs | Ratios | Percentages | Placement Data | Difficult

A CAT LRDI Set where you have to combine data from multiple sources, apply concepts of percentages and ratios to solve a set with incomplete data. This one is tedious.  

CAT LRDI – Placement Data

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CAT LRDI | DI | Calculation | Scatter Plot | Bar Graph | Percentages | e-Commerce Order | Difficult

A CAT LRDI Set with a lot of data and sometimes tedious calculations. This involves Bar Charts, Scatter plot and application of Ratios and Percentages

CAT LRDI – e-Commerce Orders

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