CAT 2019 Exam: Mistakes you must avoid on the day of Exam

After preparing meticulously for months together the D day appears usually in the month of November. Considering the previous exams, the CAT 2019 also will be divided into morning and the afternoon sessions.

Research says that the nervousness on the exam day is the biggest culprit for most of the students to score less in CAT examinations. Therefore the Golden rule is Do Not Panic.

While not panicking during all the three hours of the examination is a must, there are many other things which a candidate has to take care, to ensure that his/her aspirations of clearing CAT 2019 do not go in vain.

The most important are listed and discussed here for Cat 2019:

1. Carry the needed documents only:

The CAT 2019 exam is highly proctored and anything extra that you carry into the examination hall is always a cause of worry. So only documents needed to be carried are:

  • Admit card with your photograph pasted on it, along with the scanned copy
  • A government ID proof, approved by the CAT 2019 authority to prove your identity to the examiner. In general, Aadhar card always works.

2. Reporting time – Punctuality:

The CAT aspirant, post their CAT exams are expected to be the best management graduates who would represent the best of the companies across the globe. Should not punctuality be in their blood then?

Note the timings, 7:30 Am for the morning session and 1:00 Pm for the afternoon session.

Spotting the Centre a day before in the city chosen by you and understanding the travel time, is a real smart move

3. The compulsory NO – NO list to be followed:

  • No shoes – Candidates wearing shoes and socks will be asked leave them, outside the examination hall and therefore it is advisable not to wear shoes and on flip flops, Sandals or Slippers
  • No Jackets – The strictly proctored exam of CAT does not allow heavy clothing so as to ensure that the candidates are as least suspicious as possible
  • No Jewellery – The CAT 2019 does not make arrangements for safekeeping of your material during the exam time and therefore wearing the jewellery on the exam day is definitely no no
  • No Mehndi/Henna – Women candidates are advised not to wear Mehndi on their palms, as bio metric capturing is an essential component of the exam and without that the candidate will not be allowed to take the examination.

4. Reference number and designated seat:

Well! There are two different registration numbers here. The CAT 2019 registration number will be different from the number on the Admit card and both are not same. The designated seat on the exam day is based on the number on the admit card and it has nothing to do with the CAT 2019 registration number. Therefore, on the exam do not panic and be clear about this to search your designated seat in the examination hall.

5. No revision before the test:

After all the preparations for months long do you really feel that the last 15 minutes of preparation will add any major benefits to you? But yeah, it can make you feel more panicked about the situation and reduce your confidence though. So, no revision before the exam.

6. No using Key board during the test:

As per the mandate of the CAT 2019, usage of the key board is just not acceptable. Since the exam does not expect the candidate to write essays like other MBA entrance examinations, there is not usage of keyboard whatsoever. Usage of the keyboard will immediately lock your profile and you will not be able take the exam further. So keep your hands away from the keyboard during the exam.

7. Understand and practice navigation tools:

The navigation of the Cat 2019 allows you to skip a question, understand which of the questions are attended and unattended at any given point in time. However, understanding the same will require a candidate to practice the navigation tool before the examination. Many a mock test providers also include the navigation tools in their tests to give the actual feel of the examination. However, the feel of the actual CAT 2019 is difficult to be attained. The following are the colour codes for CAT 2019:

Green – Answered question

Red – Unanswered question

White – Question not viewed

Violet – Question marked for review.

8. Read the instructions on Admit Card:

While the above stated points are true for CAT 2019, there are many other instructions which are very specific to each CAT exam. Therefore, when you apply for the CAT 2019, ensure that you have read all the instructions mentioned on the admit card and adhere to them.

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