CAT 2019 Preparation: Important tips for CAT 2019 Exam

The serious aspirants of CAT always know that there is no respite to proper understanding of the exam, planning and efficient execution. The first important thing to know is the exam date, mark it – 24 November 2019. 

Here are the tips that will take you really long:

1) Since 2014, CAT has been changing in some or the other way with the crux remaining the same. Therefore, being prepared for the change is the mentality to build upon. However, from 2015 onwards, major changes have not been observed either in the exam pattern or the toughness level.

2) The know-how of the exam pattern is the next most important thing to focus upon. The CAT 2019 would be divided into:

  • VARC( Verbal ability and reading comprehension) – Consists 34 questions and approximately gets valued for a score of 102 marks
  • DILR – Data Intrepretation and logical reasoning, weighs around 96 marks and consists of around 32 questions.
  • Quantitative Aptitude (QA), which tests your mathematical capabilities, weighs again a score of 102 and will ask you to answer around 34 questions.

3) Know about Yourself:

Many non-mathematics students consider the QA( Quantitative Aptitude), a tough nut to crack and the VARC is nightmare to many engineering students.

Now that you know about what to expect in the CAT 2019, it’s much more important to know about yourself.

Therefore, take up last 5 years question papers, solve them and understand your strength and weaknesses. Compare your scores with previous year’s sectional cut-off to know how much more is needed to reach the cut-off.

4) Is coaching essential for me? 

Well!! Throughout the CAT history, the top scorers have always believed in self-study and believe in starting early.

With the prominence of digital world, this also seems easy. With loads of both free and paid mock tests available, it is not really difficult to source good resources for exam preparation.

However, if any subject amongst the three is really getting onto your skin even after repeated efforts, coaching from the exam’s perspective should help you.

This way, you will be able save money by only spending on the essentials and also ensure that you are not wasting time by relearning your strengths.

Having said all the above, there are no short cuts to success and hard work is the only resort.

5) Should I resign from my job for preparation? 

Again, over the years the top scorers have always believed to stay with their jobs and prepare simultaneously.

The point is to shift gears and make CAT 2019 the priority till the end of exam.

Start early on any day and start your day with the preparation for CAT 2019. Ensure the best time of your day is concentrated on the preparation. It’s observed that preparing in the end of the day after work hours, usually fails.

Starting your preparation as early as possible is the key. Starting 6 months prior along with your job has been found sufficient. Remember, consistency is inevitable.

6) I am confused where to study from?

CAT 2019 is all about being able to apply the right concepts with great speed and accuracy.

Therefore, concept learning never ends and can be learnt from anywhere. There are books from various publications or even online material that can help you understand the concepts.

Speed with accuracy is a product of consistent and repeated practice. There is no alternative for this. All you need is loads of questions, of CAT level.

So, ensure you never run out of questions for practice and always revise the concepts on periodic basis.

With these above tips, we ensure you that you are great to start.

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