How to Crack CAT 2019 | Preparation Tips and Strategy

Common Admission Test (CAT) is among the toughest tests for the admission eligibility in to India’s top class universities like Indian Institutes in Management and different tier – 1  B-Schools in India. Matter of fact, many other Asian countries like Singapore, Taiwan etc. also accept the CAT scores, as the screening tool for admission of students into B – Schools there.

IIMs conduct the test to understand the

  • Quantitative,
  • Verbal – Ability to read and comprehend English language and
  • Thinking capacity (Logical reasoning) of an MBA aspirant.

The prevalence of the examination makes the challenge stiffer and getting through Cat 2019 is definitely a no cake walk.

More than 2 lakh applicants’ aspiring to be in the best B –schools of the nation, show up for this test each year yet just a bunch can obtain great percentile and get invitation for GD/PI round, which is the next step in the screening process.

There are three elements of to ensure that an aspirant can crack through the CAT 2019

1. Understanding the CAT examination

2. Planning for preparation of CAT

3. Execution of the plan

Most of the aspirants of CAT, give away even the opportunity to give a shot, stating that they were too late to start, therefore,  as a matter of first importance, you should realize that it is never too soon or too late for the preparation of CAT 2019.

At the present time! This Moment! This is the minute when you should begin and flourish and we are glad that you are in the right place and the same will be ensured by us, by the time you finish reading this article.

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Now that you are high on energy to know more and be the best, let’s understand the examination and plan for your success in CAT 2019.

1) Understanding the CAT examination

Let us first understand the examination, before we leap on to make the decisions about the planning and preparation.

The real part of the CAT 2019 originates from Middle school Mathematics and English chapters. The issue is that we had contemplated these points under an inventive structure. This was intended to make us feel the points fascinating and simple. Nonetheless, CAT 2019 will anticipate that we should most likely break down and apply the points learnt and in this manner, it is basic for any CAT aspirant to understand the syllabus in detail. This will assist the CAT 2019 aspirant in preparation depending on their strengths and weaknesses and furthermore to plan and accomplish their desired percentile.

The examination is divided into three parts namely:

  1. Quantitative aptitude (QA) – Popularly known as Quants – 34 questions of 3 marks each
  2. Verbal and reading comprehension (VARC) – Popularly known as Verbal or English – 34 questions of 3 marks each
  3. Data interpretation and logical reasoning (DILR) – Popularly known as reasoning – 32 questions of 3 marks each

2) Planning for preparation of CAT

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. – Benjamin Franklin

Now that we know the outline of the examination, it is time for us to plan for the examination to achieve the desired percentile in CAT 2019.

There is no hard and fast rule that can be employed for preparation and planning. This is because of the fact, that we are all unique and need different ways and means to reach the same goal. However, by adopting following steps, an aspirant can have a fool proof preparation planning for Cat 2019.

  1. Solve the last 5 years’ CAT question papers – 2 times papers and 3 non timed papers
  2. Do a self-score, on the aspects of ‘overall performance’ and ‘topic wise performance’
  3. Understand the areas of strength and areas that need improvement
  4. Understand the difference in the exams, for both timed and non-timed papers
  5. Rate every topic and sub topic as –
  • Up to mark – only need more practice
  • Do not know the topic
  • Know the topic but need tips and tricks for speed and accuracy
  • Know the topic at surface level and more practice needed for tougher questions
  • Check on availability of practice and concept understanding resources for each and every topic and ensure you have a source to learn and practice always

With the above considerations, an aspirant can understand the gaps that are to be filled and that’s the base for preparation planning.

3) Execution of the plan

For the candidates, who are having work experience or graduating this year, it does not need any special knowledge to understand that, execution in the only key.

Always remember’

“A good plan, violently executed now is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. – George Patton

Right from the resources availability to admissions, Pagalguy is with you and we wish you all the best for your preparations ahead.

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