CAT 2019: Which IIM will conduct the CAT exam this year

CAT 2019 Exam Conducting Body:  Indian Institute of Management (IIM) conducts the Common Admission Test (CAT) each year on a rotational basis. The CAT examination has been advanced throughout the years with the changing test directing body. In this way, with the declaration of Cat 2019 exam conducting body, new changes are additionally likely.

As the test directs in the long stretch of November, the one inquiry that wait in CAT 2019 aspirants mind is that “Who will Conduct CAT 2019?”

Before we go ahead and understand about the IIM that would conduct CAT 2019, let us understand some facts and also bust some myths about the same. The IIM which conducts the exam is completely responsible in ensuring smooth transition of the examination across all the centers.

Such a conducting body is responsible for pre exam processes like, accepting applications, allotting centers for exams, hall tickets generation etc. They also handle the examination process and ensure that there is no malpractice whatsoever. The post exam processes of score allotment, release of scores and ranks.

The IIM which conducts the examinations is called as the ‘Convening IIM’. In spite of the fact that the setting of the paper is completed by a particular CAT Conducting Committee, which incorporates specialists, pioneers and leaders from all the IIMs, the significance of the Convening IIM is the accompanying –

  • Convening IIM has the last say in any adjustments of the pattern, structure for the examination, number of questions, marking scheme etc.
  • Convening IIM is capable to finalize the last draft of the CAT 2019 paper
  • Despite the fact that the inquiries/paper is set by the CAT 2019 conducting committee, the convening IIM has the last say on the final 100 questions that will appear in the Question Paper

The deadliest myth that would frighten any CAT 2019 aspirant, is about a specific IIM is known to

  • set papers tougher than other IIMs
  • A topic within the exam is tougher if set by a xyz IIM, ex: IIM – C is known for developing tougher quant sections

Since, the examination is set by the CAT conducting committee, and is only finalized by IIM convening body; we feel all such myths are now busted.

Now, for the year of 2019, the convening body for the CAT 2019 is not yet decided. However, with the historical data and logical deductions, let us try to make an educated guess about the convening body IIM for CAT 2019.

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These are the IIMS who have been conducting the past 10 CAT examinations:

2009 – IIM Ahmedabad

2010 – IIM Lucknow

2011 – IIM Calcutta

2012 – IIM Kozhikode

2013 – IIM Indore

2014 – IIM Indore

2015 – IIM Ahmedabad

2016 – IIM Bengaluru

2017 – IIM Lucknow

2018 – IIM Calcutta

2019 – IIM _______________ – Yet to be decided

Now that we have this data, let us try to analyze,

  • It is being observed that the IIMA, IIMB, IIMC, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode, IIML, are the only IIMs who have been conducting the exams repeatedly. This is an indication of the trust that the government is having on the following institutions
  • The first cycle of the exam conduction ended in 2013 with IIM Indore and the second round begun again in 2014, which also started with IIM Indore.
  • IIM Indore is out, as it has got the opportunity to be in the respected twice, back to back
  • IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta and IIM Lucknow can be eliminated as they have got the conducted the examinations twice already, in the last 10 years.
  • In the second cycle the IIM Bengaluru has conducted the examination once already
  • Only IIM Kozhikode has not conducted the CAT examination in the second cycle

With the above available data and by using the logical deductions, we can make an educated guess, that IIM Kozhikode is the only IIM that has not been given enough opportunity and therefore is the strongest contender to be the convener for CAT 2019.

Well, all this said, it is very important to note that Pagalguy busted the myths, earlier in this article, that are highly speculative in nature.

Therefore, whosoever is the convener of the CAT 2019; it is the wise on the part the aspirant of the CAT 2019 to ensure that he/she plans and prepares well for the examination.

The less you focus on things, which are not in your control, the more you can invest on what is important and needed.

‘’Why worry about things that you can’t control when you can keep yourself busy controlling the things that depend on you” – Unknown

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