IIMs are one of the most premier management institutes in India, and IIMK is no different. What, however, makes IIM Kozhikode so special is its vibrant culture that is draped with nature’s blanket all around.

IIMK, the fifth IIM to be founded,  isn’t only about quality education, it is also about many other things such as a campus surrounded with lush greenery, a culture full of smart people, an epicenter of diversity and gender equality, a culture for the energetic, a culture that teaches people to never give up, and last but not the least- fun and friendships. IIMK is all about making memories- so you come here and be a part of it.

What makes IIMK so special?

IIM Kozhikode, just like other management institutes, thrive for excellence and provide quality education to the students. However, the education system and the life inside the campus isn’t necessarily a boring one. The listed below points summarize the life inside the campus and why should one be a part of it.

  • Education: Education tops the chart in this list. IIMK was ranked as the 6th premier institute amongst all the IIMs by the NIRF. And its very true. The university offers management education through research, workshops, corporate meetings, fests, live training, and etc. Backwaters, one of the most famous fests in IIMK aims to bring all the corporate and scholars together to help students engage, interact, and follow a path that could help them understand their leadership and entrepreneur skills.
  • Lush greenery: When you are in God’s own country, you expect to witness the visual treat the state has to offer. And IIIMK is no different. The campus, which is the product of genius architectural minds, sits within nature which could soothe your eyes. Besides, the suitable weather pattern, climatic conditions throughout the year, and the two hillocks play a major role in complementing the 100 acres nature that wraps the campus all around.
  • Hostel facilities: It is no wonder that premier institutes would provide premium facilities to the hostellers. But IIMK goes extra miles in doing so. From luxury rooms to providing 24/7 basic amnesties, the hostels could give a competition even to the premium resorts.
  • Unity in diversity: If you want to observe the phrase “unity in diversity”, there could be no better place than IIMK. Once inside the campus, you get to see students from different parts of the world coming together to follow the same routine in their daily lives. From gender equality to cultural mix-ups, you get to see all sorts of interaction amongst the students.
  • Friendship and fun: Students here come to learn and become a part of all sorts of good memories. From participating in festivities such as Navaratri and Ganesh Chaturthi to enjoying the foods delivered by Bhooklagi (a start-up owned by the students), the students engage with each other and form bonding over the years. In the end, they become a part of the family they never thought would exist when they first stepped inside the campus.

There is a lot more about IIMK and its campuses. But the most important of all is- students here go through a journey of self-discovery and self-growth while being a part of the life IIMK has to offer.

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  1. Great article! For an IIMK alumni view, check out this cool webinar K alumni did on the 7 reasons why IIMK is special - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD8wvVItN0g

    By OraKle