Can I get IIM call with a poor academic record?

Getting a call from IIMs with poor academic records is certainly difficult, but not impossible. As different IIMs set different eligibility criteria, it often becomes possible for candidates to explore the loopholes and grab a chance to prove their worth beyond the academics.

To bypass the academic record, you must have a strong profile that portrays who you are and what you have achieved in your life. But most importantly, you must have a good CAT percentile. For those with poor academic records, CAT could be a savior given they score above 95 percentiles to be on the safe side. Now, let’s have a look at the points which could help you get a call from the IIMs.

CAT score

Getting a good percentile in CAT is difficult. But with proper time management and approach, one could easily score well in the exam. At first, you must realize that if you are weak in academics, you need to show your strength in other areas. Here, it must be the CAT exam where you need to score well. Generally, you should aim for 99+ percentile to grab attention from the top IIMs. And to achieve this, you can follow the below steps:

  • Time management: You need to make a routine and start early preparation for CAT. Sticking to the routine would help you crack the examination.
  • Self-practice: You need to self-practice by solving model questions or previous year question papers. To self-practice efficiently, you must set a time duration and try answering maximum questions in a short period. Regular practice is very helpful.
  • Follow video tutorials: Video tutorials in this age helps a great deal to prepare students for CAT. It not only saves time but also saves students from unnecessary details which they might find in books.
  • Join coaching: While self-study is always advised, students can also join good coaching centers to prepare for the exam.

Strong profile

The other most important thing to get calls from IIMs is to have a strong profile. Listed below are some points following which you can build a strong profile if you didn’t have already.

  • Certifications: Getting certified in the related domain often gives a candidate edge over the others. The certification, however, must be done from a renowned and credible institute/ organization.
  • Internships and work experience: Doing internships/ working in an organization in the related field and adding the experience to your resume makes your chances high to get into an IIM. The better your experience is, the higher the chances of your getting selected are.
  • Volunteer: Volunteering for free is often an option for candidates who couldn’t secure an internship or aren’t working. Volunteering with NGOs or dedicating yourself to social work will not only give you a purpose but would also maximize your chances of getting calls from the IIMs.

Having poor academic records can often act as an obstacle in a candidate’s path, but no way it does act as a road-blocker. It just makes your path a tad-bit difficult, which you could overcome with the right approach and determination.