What is it like to study at IIM Kozhikode (IIMK)?

IIMK is one of the renowned universities in India that help the youths to shape up and make them ready for the future. Specializing in offering programs in management studies, the university has often been touted as one of the best premier institutes in India.

Each year, numerous youth flocks to get admission in the institute to associate themselves with one of the best management programs in India. And once into the university, they get to experience its extravagant life, student exchange programs, vibrant corporate cultures, gender diversity, and whatnot. So, how life exactly is in IIM Kozhikode? Let’s have a look!

Life in IIMK

IIMK is more than just a university. Surrounded by a 100 acres green lash cover on two hillocks, the campus doesn’t fail to prove the fact that students are indeed in God’s own country. The below points would summarize how it is like to study in the university, how the culture inside is, and obviously how effective the education programs are.

  • Education programs: The academic programs in the university include MBA, fellow program, executive post-graduate program, and research. Along with these, the university offers an international student exchange program, cultural programs, workshops, and corporate fests. The institute has facilities like a museum, information center, and Libraries to help student shape their educational career.
  • Campus: The IIMK campus offers a visual treat that one would long for while coping up with the educational and academic curriculum. The campus is surrounded by green lush and vegetation cover which often help students breathe fresh air. The campus inside is equipped with all basic amenities- the luxurious hostels, hygienic kitchens, etc. to help students feel at home. For extra-curricular activities, the institute has no shortage of football courts, basketball courts or gymnasiums.
  • Corporate culture: The institute focus on helping students to shape up their skills and develop management, entrepreneurial and leadership qualities. To achieve this, the IIMK takes initiative in several areas like corporate training, conferences by guests from the corporate world, fests and workshops, student exchange programs, conducting debates and discussions on management topics, sending students for internships, promoting start-up culture, etc.
  • Cultural diversity: IIMK is often known for its cultural diversity. Students from all over India come here to study, and in the end, they bond with each other and form a family. From gender equality to cultural diversity, the IIKM campus feels vibrant. Inside the campus, festivities such as Ganesh Chaturthi and Navaratri or Holi is often celebrated vibrantly where you get to witness how the cultural mix-up amongst the students stands out.
  • Bhooklagi: Bhooklagi is one of the successful start-ups started by the IIMK students that bring delicious foods to the doorsteps. It is often a common household name amongst the students residing within the campus. The popularity of the start-up along with its mouth-watering dishes often makes the campus stand out from other IIM campuses all over India.

The life in IIMK is not only about education and academics, but its also about engaging and bonding with people of different cultures, thoughts, and mindsets. This often helps to shape the career of a student better as they get an idea of what the real world outside the campus looks like.

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