MBA is one of the most expensive degrees worldwide. It is generally assumed that the returns after investing in a good MBA degree are worth the financial expense. Although it is true for most business schools in India, not all provide the best returns.

Thus, the continuous yearly increase in tuition fees is a matter of concern. It is pertinent to understand, which business schools provide quality education, essential learning, and adequate industry exposure.

These schools provide an excellent return on investment, in that, they require low tuition fees and facilitate great placements.

Program Overview

An MBA in Communication and Branding is a two-year program with a focus on communication in the corporate world. With the affluence of digital media and enhanced connectivity among the people and between the brands and its consumers, communication has become one of the most crucial factors in any business on a local or a global level.

Regardless of what services or products a company provides, if it fails to convince the consumer about their quality and suitability, they might not gain profits.

Thus, with this program, students can learn to manage and lead the communication and branding aspects of a business. Students learn to engage with different stakeholders and acquire the necessary skill sets to enhance the reach of the company brand. Communication is often crucial enough to make or break a deal.

Thus, with this program, students learn to manage the communication of the company with its consumers and other stakeholders.

The program also helps develop students’ abilities as a crucial layer between employees and external allies in a corporate environment. The curriculum of this program is similar to an MBA in Event and Media Management and MBA in Communication Management.

Career Prospect

In the current era of competition, the role of a communications manager is imperative for any company. Communication managers generally acquire work opportunities with large- and medium-sized organizations of the government and public sector undertakings.

They can be hired in various roles, such as Corporate Manager, Communications Manager, Business Development Manager, Corporate Affairs Manager, and Media Communications Manager.

School Fees Average Placement Package
Alliance University INR 13,00,000 INR 10.17 LPA
MICA Ahmedabad INR 20,00,000 INR 12.8 LPA
Chitkara University INR 5,00,000 INR 6 LPA
FLAME University INR 16,20,000 INR 7,01,000
Indian Academy of Management Studies INR 2,33,000 INR 5 LPA
Bangalore Institute of Management Studies INR 3,25,000 INR 4.5 LPA
SIMC, Pune INR 11,20,000 INR 5.85 LPA
SIMC, Bangalore INR 11,20,000 INR 5 LPA
Acharya Bangalore Business School INR 8,22,000 INR 4 LPA
ABIT JRD Tata Institute of Management, Cuttack Approx. INR 3,00,000 Data unavailable

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