Best Colleges for MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science in India based on Return on Investment

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most expensive degrees worldwide. It is generally assumed that the returns after investing in a good MBA degree are worth the financial expense. Although it is true for most business schools in India, not all provide the best returns.

Thus, the continuous yearly increase in tuition fees is a matter of concern. It is pertinent to understand, which business schools provide quality education, essential learning, and adequate industry exposure. These schools provide an excellent return on investment, in that, they require low tuition fees and facilitate great placements.

Program Overview

The importance of Big Data and Analytics in Business has been continually increasing. Business schools have included an MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science as a new program. This two-year post-graduate program prepares students regarding the use and influence of Data Science in the growth and sustenance of businesses.

Data analytics involves the study of various types of data. The different approaches of data analytics and drawing predictive conclusions from that data are crucial in Data Science. These predictive conclusions can help enhance our understanding of future trends and thus help make better decisions regarding the businesses.

The majority of the techniques used in data analytics are employed using algorithms and different mechanical systems, which perform various operations on raw data and make it comprehensible for humans. The derived data can be used to improve business operations and make it more efficient.

The course allows students to thoroughly understand different topics that come under the umbrella of Data Science and Business Analytics, such as Data Mining, Machine Learning, Statistics, and Natural Language Processing. Students can learn to use their analytical skills for the management and growth of different businesses through these various techniques.

There are many business analytics firms that provide such services to businesses, and often businesses recruit people with expertise in Business Analytics to enhance the assurance, transactions, and operations of their businesses.

These experts can provide insights into the business trends as well as into capital markets and global economies. This collaboration can help companies yields excellent results for all included stakeholders.

Career Prospects

More and more companies are adopting modern techniques to grow their businesses. One such aspect is Data Science, which can help businesses increase their sales and improve their operations when providing products and services.

As graduates with an MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science, they can be responsible for making crucial decisions based on data and thus be ready to assist companies in making the most of future opportunities.

The graduates hired in different roles, such as Industry Expert, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Project Manager, Big Data Analyst, SAS Programmer, Business Intelligence Expert, Data Warehousing and Data Mining Expert, and Data Warehousing Expert.     

School Fees Mean Placement Package
ISB Hyderabad INR 9.40 Lakhs INR 26.15 LPA
NMIMS Mumbai INR 5.11 Lakhs INR 17.58 LPA
IIM Calcutta INR 20 Lakhs INR 28 LPA
IIM Bangalore INR 21.15 Lakhs INR 24.54 LPA
SCMHRD Pune INR 13.30 Lakhs INR 13.24 LPA
Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research INR 11 Lakhs INR 9.05 LPA
Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai INR 21.5 Lakhs INR 13.1 LPA


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  1. @BornKingRS
    Well, I think you missed out on M.Mgt. offered by IISc, Bangalore. Fee: ~4 lacs for 2 years Mean Package: ~24 lacs
    May 2020