About the course

The course has been designed through the collaboration of IIM Calcutta and FinTech company. The key focus of the programme is to deliver the knowledge of Financial Blockchain along with the establishment of frontiers of FinTech evolution.

So far, the programme has been successful through 2 cohort session with more than 250 candidates in participation.

The expertise of the mentor at IIM Calcutta has been working rigorously on improving the analytical and quantitative study of the course deliverables.

However, with the association of FinTech company, the candidates will experience full-fledged guidance and support in maintaining the framework of the financial-industrial set-up.  

About the institution- IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta is portrayed as the epitome of academic excellence and developers of future leaders. The institution has been accredited by organisations like AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS. The triple accreditation of the institutions makes a global leader in the educational sector.

The institution has been ranked #3 in the Asian sub-continent and holds a rank in the top 25 institutions in the global sphere. With an excellent academic experience of more than 50 years, the institutional mentors have been bringing the best out of the enrolled candidates through their expertise and guidance.

The curriculum of the course 

The programme has been designed as a 6-month executive programme in fintech and financial blockchain. The course deliverables and disciplines will be delivered by the faculty of IIM Calcutta through online sessions.

The online sessions will be delivered twice a week, and Capstone projects will also be taught and work upon. The professional candidates will be awarded a certificate by the institution of IIM Calcutta.

Due to the prevailing pandemic situation in the country, the candidates have been restricted to visit the campus during the Cohort 3 phase. Interactive live online sessions have been scheduled from 6th September 2020.

The foundation modules will be focusing on subjects like data analysis, data interpretation, financial Fintech issues, Digital payments, Foundations of FinTech and associated risks and other relevant topics.

However, the advance module will be focusing on specialised disciplines like understanding of blockchain, Digital disruption of financial activities, Data-based financial analytics and crypto-assets.

Capstone Project Details 

The Capstone projects will be focusing on the following deliverables along with practical exposure about the subjects

  • Money transfer and payment process
  • Applications of eWallet
  • Alternate Capital stream for SME
  • Risk management analysis
  • Digital Insurance policies
  • Trading knowledge

Programme Deliverables 

Why should a professional join the programme?

The Fintech and Financial blockchain course are a great option for candidates looking forward to establishing themselves in the corporate world with a better understanding of finances.

The programme is considered to be ideal for professionals in the finance, banking, consulting and management sector. However, the key reasons as to why a professional must be joining the programme are mentioned below.

  • The programme offers world-class finance labs

The world-class finance labs designed to deliver knowledge of data, financial aids, financial analysis tools and much more.

  • Get access to the best professional mentor around the globe

The master mentors and leading global faculties will help a candidate polish his profile and will make him stand out of the crowd.

  • Earn the badge of IIM Calcutta Alumni Recognition

Becoming an alumnus of IIM Calcutta will earn a candidate an appealing badge of honour and recognition. Moreover, the doors to future career opportunities will be widened too.

  • Global Recognition

Certification from the leading educational institution will help an aspirant earn global recognition and support.

  • Elite support of the networking groups

The peer community with eminent researchers and practitioners will be a bonus point for the future of an individual.

  • Excellent advantages of TalentSprint

TalentSprint has been offering exceptional pracademic learning platform to exceptional candidates. Their expertise and guidance will result in a positive outlook towards the corporate financial sector.

Eligibility Criteria 

The professional candidates looking forward to enrolling in the programme are required to fulfil the eligibility criteria released as per the authorities of IIM Calcutta.

The professionals must have scored at least 50 per cent marks in their graduation or post-graduation courses. Not only this, but the professionals must also possess an experience of more than 2 years with a relevant background.

Selection Process 

The candidates are required to apply for the programme on the official site of the institution. During the application procedure, personal documents will be submitted.

Post the submission of documents; the candidates will be made to wait for their selection till the further joining. Important details for the selection process are mentioned below.

  • The selection for the programme will be carried out by IIM Calcutta. The selection will be done based on education and work experience pf the candidates.
  • The scanned copies of documents like education certificate, experience letter, latest payslip, etc. are required to be submitted within seven days of the application process.

Job Profile and Recruiting Industries 

Specialisation courses like the one offered by IIM is an investment done by professionals to polish their profiles and learn the latest requirements of the industry.

Therefore, it is necessary to receive eminent job profile recruitments by the leading industries. The following job profiles and hiring percentages offered to candidates after the successful completion of the course are listed below-

  • Analysts and Developers- 16 per cent
  • Managers- 33 per cent
  • Leaderships- 41 per cent
  • Others- 10 per cent

The following industries have been recruiting eminent professionals with knowledge of fintech and financial blockchain

  • Banking- 34 per cent
  • Financial Services- 36 per cent
  • IT and Consulting- 22 per cent
  • Others- 8 per cent

More than 150 top companies have been actively participating in offering learning deliverable to the candidates with around 18 per cent of women participation every year. Not only this, but candidates have also been working in Indian and Global locations like Dubai.

Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, United Kingdoms, Qatar, Mumbai, New Delhi and many others. Top organisations like Mahindra and Mahindra, Nexii Labs, Oracle, Paytm, RBL Bank, Reliance, etc. have been associated with the programme as well.

Fee structure and payment option

IIM Calcutta has been offering flexible payment options to the candidates getting enrolled in the fintech and financial blockchain programme.

The fee structure for the programme is Rs. 3,50,000 +GST. However, the 24-month interest-free EMI on the programme fee is also applicable. An EMI of Rs. 17, 208 per month is available for the enrolling candidates.  

About TalentSprint

TalentSprint has been aspiring young professionals through their well-structured and world-class academic programmes. The virtual exposure of practical knowledge to the candidates has been proving to be of great value for the betterment of industrial profiles.

Moreover, the company has received awards for the excellency by several organisations and associations. The company has been awarded the World HRD Congress HR Tech Leader Award, Best Innovative Technology Organisation in Education Sector Award, etc. among others.  

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