10 Most Wacky Questions asked in IIM Interview

The Personal Interview is the final round of the admission process of all MBA colleges. Most top MBA colleges in India like IIM A, B and C give more than 30% weightage before preparing the final selection list.

The Personal interview can either make or break your chances of studying in a premier business college. How did the candidates handle the situation when they were asked a super weird but fun question? Read on to find about the ten most wacky questions asked in the PI stage of top MBA colleges.

IIM Calcutta Interview Questions

Questions 1 to 4 were asked in the same interview. The interview gets weirder and funnier by every passing second!

Q. 1. “You have mentioned playing video games as a hobby and listed the titles of some very violent video games here. You must be aware of the on-going debate about how these video games are making one insensitive towards violence. What’s your take on this?”

The candidate disagrees and mentions that the nature of the video game doesn’t reflect a person’s real-life personality. He also mentions that video game is a form of entertainment.

Panellist 2: Oh really, so killing others is entertainment?

The Candidate disagrees and talks about the content of video games and how it is not only about violence. He compares the violence of video games with movies like Baahubali and tries to justify his previous answer.

Q. 2. “What do you like about Witcher 3?”

Yes! An IIM interview about video games. This is happening. After a few more questions, one of the panellists asked Hemant to tell what he likes about his favourite video game, Witcher 3.

Candidate: Sir, Witcher 3 is rated as the best RPG of all time. It has brilliant characters, great quests, split-second decisions to make.

Q. 3. “Tell us how does playing Witcher 3 will help you have a positive impact on society. Give two reasons.”

And more weird questions follow in the same interview! The questions are surely wacky.

Candidate: Sir, one thing I learned is that we should always be ready to make sacrifices for the greater good.

Q. 4. “Do you know about the blue whale game?”

The series of weird questions of this interview doesn’t seem to end.

Candidate: Yes

P2: Okay, so what’s the second thing you learned from playing video games?

The candidate begins to answer and was then interrupted by the Panelist 2 with this statement:

P2:*Speaking to the other panellists in Hindi*Arre yaar, ye lo sara din games khelta hai, par ek saval ka jawab nahi!

Result- Waitlisted

Most wacky questions are asked in IIM Calcutta Interview.

Q. 5. “How would you convince us to replace Arnab Goswami?”

The candidate tries to persuade the panellists by explaining how he can do a better job than the person in question. The candidate defends his point of view successfully.

The result- Selected but did not accept

Q. 6. “So now that you have proposed time travel, why don’t you tell us how you will use your newly-invented time machine?”

The candidate has a background of Physics in Engineering Physics from IIT Bombay. He was asked to explain the space-time. After listening to his answers, the panellists asked him about how will he use the “time machine”.  The interviewers get a quality answer in the end.

P2: So now that you have proposed time travel, why don’t you tell us how you will use your newly -invented time machine?

The candidate mentions that he would travel into the future, get new technologies to improve life and also use the cure for cancer for the betterment of humans in the present. But the panellists kept asking him questions until they got a wacky response.

P1: You’ve got to be kidding me. Why wouldn’t you go back into the past, use technology from today and make millions off it? Become a rich man! And here you are applying to a business school!

The candidate then quotes an epic line from Kung Fu Panda movie.

Candidate: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present. A great man once said this, and I’d like to live in the present!

* Everybody starts laughing*


IIM Kozhikode Interview Questions

Q. 7. “ What will you cook for me?”

The candidate enthusiastically talks presents a variety of options for the panellists to choose.

P1: But I have a heart problem. So, what will you cook then?

C: Boiled Chicken Salad with sauces.

P1: That will not taste good.

C: Naaahiiiiiiii! (In the same tone). It tastes delicious.

*Both panellists burst into laughter.*

Result- Converted

Q. 8. “So, you come from Bihar. What’s your opinion about Lalu Prasad Yadav?”

The candidate replied by saying that he is a very corrupt politician. Panellists then ask him how could he be so sure, to which he responded that the politician has a vicious smile.

Result: Selected


IIM Lucknow

Q. 9. “ So, tell me-If a snake bites me, how long will it take for me to die?”

Candidate: It depends.

P1: It depends upon what?

C: *Explains all the possible scenarios for 1 minute* Finally Sir, having said all this, you might die instantly too as a result of the snake bite, as many snake-bite related deaths are not because of the venom but because of a heart attack resulting from panic.

Both panellists stare at the candidate for 4-5 secs without uttering a word.

Result- Rejected


IIM Shillong

Q. 10. “Tell me the difference between 90’s Prasenjit and Prasenjit of 2018.”

Background- The candidate is an avid movie watcher. When asked by the panellists about the kind of movies he likes to watches, his answers included Bengali movies. Subsequently, one panellist asked the candidate if he is aware of Prasenjit.

For all of you who does not know who Prasenjit is, he is a famous Bengali actor who dominated the Bengali film industry in the 90s.

P2: Tell me the difference between 90’s Prasenjit and Prasenjit of 2018?

The candidate responds by highlighting that 90’s Prasenjit was a newcomer in the industry and was trying to market himself. This is when he was interrupted.

P1: Don’t give us management terms. Just tell us what kind of dresses he used to wear and what kind of dances and films he used to do.

The applicant, though stunned, answers the question well. The panellist then says,

P2: You know a lot about Prasenjit. That’s good. Okay, Thank you, you can go

Result: Converted


The best of all is reserved for last. 

  1. “Spell the word Cow in thirteen letters.”

Panellist: Spell the word Cow in thirteen letters.

Candidate: Well, Caaaaouuuuuuu?

Panellist (while laughing): It’s See O Double You.

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