Getting into an IIM is a dream for many students; however, scoring enough marks the entrance exam and cracking the IIM interview are two essential steps for reaching your goal. Ever wondered why some of the greatest minds of the country are today students of IIM? 

Cracking the IIM interview is one the most important step while grabbing a seat in the institution. However, it is not an easy task.

The IIM interview rounds require the aspirants to stand out from the rest of the aspirants and mark their individualism and exceptional out-of-the-box thinking abilities in front of the jury members. 

However, these are not the only requirements while appearing in an IIM interview session. Aspirants need to know the vital dos and don’ts while appearing for the interview round.

The scores of the written entrance test and the interview session jointly for the final score for the selection process. Therefore, an aspirant needs to prepare accordingly and remember the dos and don’ts while appearing in the interview round.

Here are a few tips for candidates while appearing for the interview round. These tips can assist the aspirant in standing out from the rest of the crowd expressing a profound personality. 

  • Create the first impression

 A candidate’s interview begins the moment he or she entire the interview room. Body language and sense of dressing play a key role in determining the behaviour and personality of an individual. Therefore, it is essential to dress well and choose an outfit that would best suit the occasion.

Another thing which can be considered by the aspirants is that a person’s dressing style should reflect the personality. Being comfortable in your choice of clothing also helps the candidate in speaking confidently.

Therefore, selecting the correct dress for the occasion holds key important. Another essential aspect is the body language of the aspirants. Being presentable and attentive will assist the candidate in maintaining confidence through the interview session. Being aware of doing handshakes also makes a lot of difference.  

  • Maintain Eye Contact while listening carefully

Eye contact is an important part of body language and is the most significant one. Maintaining eye contact with the interview will ensure that the candidate is being attentive and is understanding the feedbacks or reviews being shared.

Maintaining good eye contact is yet another tool for survival. However, the aspirant must make sure that excessive eye contact often ends up making the other person awkward. It would make the candidate appear creepy.

The interview panel may grill the aspirant with bombarding questions; however, the correct manner of eye contact can make a significant difference. This often indicates that the candidate has not surrendered under pressure and is calm yet attentive during the grilling round.  

  • A professional manner of conduct 

Grilling session in the interview round often enrages the candidate, pushing him towards arguing or debating over his or her stance. This often indicates that the person has been feeling pressurized and therefore believes in arguing for proving his perspective rather than dealing with the situation calmly or intellectually.

Arguing often turn the entire interview panel against the candidate, thus, either grilling him more or coming up with a conclusion. Hence, speaking professionally and conducting oneself accurately makes a massive difference.

This also indicates that the aspirant can maintain his code of conduct during tough times. Accept the faults without covering up or without giving unnecessary explanations also helps.  

  • Avoid Bluffing 

Majority of people are never against the act of bluffing. However, it depends on how and when it is done. The interview panel comprises of some of the great minds of the industry. These people must have taken hundreds of interviews before.

Therefore, they hold great knowledge of how and when an individual uses the act of bluffing. In case the aspirant wishes to bluff in front of the interview panel, he or she must completely believe it to be true and express it similarly.

Catching a bluff is extremely easy than pulling off one, especially in front of an experienced interview panel. Therefore, the aspirant must select this choice of words correctly, especially if it’s a bluff.  

  • Drop the extremist views and think intellectually 

A candidate is often engulfed between different views and perspectives on political, social or democratic views. Holding extremist views can make the interview panel believe that the candidate does not hold space for considering the opinions of others.

Therefore, it is essential for the aspirant to not hold extremist views on any topic or subject asked. A neutral stand towards the issue or a well-justified stance towards for or against the topic is important.

Moreover, the aspirants must avoid calling themselves liberals, capitalists, etc. because it would further intrigue the panel to question further.

The aspirant must avoid quoting any information which is proofless or untrue or is shared and circulated over digital platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. pointing forward facts would be helpful. 

Apart from the other mentioned tips and tricks, the aspirant must be well-aware of the activities happening presently in the country or world. Having a good knowledge of current affair helps in candidate in answering different questions being asked during the interview session.

Communication skills must be imminent, and the aspirant must be able to express his or her opinions openly but with proper justification and facts. 

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