GRE Eligibility Criteria 2021 - Academic Qualification and Age Limit

GRE Exam 2020: Can be attempted any number of times with a gap of 21 days between each attempt with an annual upper bound of 5 times per year.

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GRE 2021 Eligibility Criteria

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is one of the international standard tests that is required for gaining admissions into Graduate schools in the United States of America. This test is organized and conducted by the Education Testing Services (ETS). The test can be availed in both online and offline modes. The offline options are available thrice a year while the offline tests can be taken anytime throughout the year. The scores are valid upto 5 years after the test was taken. The test intends to take a candidate’s skills in reasoning and writing alongside thinking.

How Many times can I take the GRE?

The exam can be taken any number of times and at any age, subject to two conditions –

  1. There must be a minimum 21 days gap between 2 consecutive attempts
  2. Not more than 5 attempts can be taken in the span of 1 year.

[This will apply to even those candidates who have cancelled their scores on a test taken previously]

Do I need a Passport to appear for GRE?

Yes, a passport in necessary as it is the only ID proof accepted by ETS.

However you will only need to present it as ID proof on the exam date and not during the registration so you may book your exam date and then apply in “tatkal” requirement for passport accordingly, if you do not already possess the same.

Criteria for the GRE test



Educational qualifications

The test is mainly intended for students who wish to continue their studies abroad and this exam can be taken by any candidate who wishes to apply for a masters’ program. Candidate has to finish their undergraduate course. Not all the colleges/ universities accept GRE and hence the candidates have to choose wisely before applying for the test. No other specific criteria are required to apply for the test.

Age limits

This test can be taken at any age and no one will prevent that from happening except your will to attempt it. There is no upper or lower limit for the age in this test.

Number of attempts

You are allowed to take the test any number of times. There is no fixed number of attempts. The only condition placed by ETS is that there must be a 21 day gap between any two consecutive trials and a maximum of 5 tests per year. If you have already attempted 5 times, you can try only the following year.