What Makes The BITSoM Founding Class At Par With IIM A, B, C

About BITSoM

BITSoM or BITS School of Management is one of the rising B-Schools of India, giving students ample opportunities and instilling a holistic skill set for them to excel in the industry. Imparting the true values of education by primarily focusing on innovation and building an entrepreneurial spirit, the school offers an experiential two-year MBA program and follows an immersive approach to pedagogy. Bridging the gap between industry and academia, BITSoM offers a curriculum based on the industry’s contemporary demands. The due focus on extracurricular ensures a wholesome honing of students into well-rounded individuals. 

Founding Class

The founding class at BITSoM is at par with the class composition of the IIM A, B, C, and ISB. The primal thing to consider is the rigorous selection process itself. After a comprehensive assessment, the class was selected based on their aptitude scores such as CAT/ GRE/ GMAT, extracurricular involvement, and a personal interview session. The program is being offered at the state-of-the-art Mumbai Campus (Powai) and is a two-year residential program. The program has a diverse composition of 140 students as its founding class. What makes a BITSoM classroom at par with IIM A, B, and C is the sheer diversity and balance in terms of gender ratio, work experience, age, education background, industry background, and race. Here is a holistic layout structuring how in every aspect, the class composition at BITSoM is at par with that of IIM A, B, and C.

Class Size

The class size highlights a more focused approach and smooth functioning of pedagogy; it also highlights the teacher students ratio. The 2021 class size in IIM A stands at 385; at IIM B, it is 483, whereas, at IIM C and ISB, it is 480 and 900, respectively. The BITSoM class size is assembled while considering that each student gets a nuanced approach to the pedagogy. The foundational batch stands at 140 students, which also highlights a holistic teacher-student ratio.

Gender Ratio

It is indeed a matter of pride that out of 140 students in the founding class, 35% are women, thus, offering a nuanced approach towards gender diversity. This is the testimony of the changing times and tells us how women are the future and leading flag bearers of the corporate. In terms of gender ratio, at IIM A, 28% of students are women, while in IIM B and IIM C, 28% & 31% of students are women. Thereby, the gender diversity in BITSoM stands ahead of IIM A, B, and C

Work Experience

The nuanced work experience among the batch highlights the pre industry exposure of students and thereby gives leverage to their outlook and holistic growth at B-school. The average work experience of the foundational batch at BITSoM is 2 years, whereas, for IIM B, the average work experience stands at 1 year and 11 months. Comparatively, in IIM C, around 45% of the class has 1-2 years of experience.

Average Age

In BITSoM, the upcoming talent with novel thoughts is thriving on the path of excellence. Thereby the average age of the foundational batch is 25 years. In contrast, the average at IIM B is 23.93 years. Thereby, the BITSoM becomes the bustling hub of innovations as posed by GenX.

Graduation Background

The batch’s educational background boasts of the national and international exposure that students have brought with them. The non-engineering students at IIM A and B are 28% of the batch size, whereas, in IIM C, the non-engineering background stands at 25%. Boasting of diversity and defying the unilateral specialization in the batch, the non-engineering background at BITSoM stands at 33%. In terms of educational background and geography, the batch comes from proud and leading educational setups such as IITs, NITs, BITS Pilani, St. Xavier’s, Jesus and Mary College, Indraprastha College, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, University of Warwick, NYU Abu Dhabi, Purdue University, and McGill University.

It is also apparent that the academic and work profile of students at BITSoM is as multidisciplinary and diverse as in IIM A, B, or C. Even in international exposure, BITSoM stands at par with IIM A, B, and C. Thus, it is safe to say that BITSoM’s foundation class stands equal to that of IIM A, B, and C.

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