Among all the things around the world, the tag of anything works the best- thanks to the marketing strategy and other means introduced by globalization. What we tend to miss out on this hullabaloo is that there might be a different and a better option available aside from these well-renowned tags. This, however, doesn’t mean that the options with widely known tags aren’t good, rather this implies that one should be aware of the options that are available.

When it comes to choosing the B-Schools and that too from an institute of the international repute, colleges like Harvard and Stanford definitely top the choice of any aspirant. But most of them miss the equally competent B-schools with higher employability rate. To state the facts, varied institutes in the US News’s top 100 B-schools, placed their students in reputed jobs within three months of graduation which was way higher the rate than that of Harvard or Stanford. Many of these schools do not have the highest-ranked program and most of the time their potential is often overlooked, just because of the lack of tag. To illustrate, the job rate at McCoy College of Business at the Texas State University was recorded at straight 100%, whereas the same job rate was at 96.6% at the Ivy School of Business at Iowa State University.

Job Rates Better than Harvard and Stanford

To state the figures and supplement the argument here, the employability rate at the Harvard School of Business was at 82.5% by the end of the third month of the graduation, which is 17.5% below the Texas State University and 14.1% below Iowa State University. Meanwhile, at Stanford, the employability was at 85.3%, which was 14.7 and 11.3 percent less than the Texas State and Iowa State respectively. This is also to point out the geographical advantage that Stanford has over Texas and Iowa; which is proximity to Silicon Valley.

The average package does not remain as high as in Harvard or Stanford, but considering the tuition fee in these colleges, the return is equally proportionate. This becomes a highlighting factor for some to pursue higher education in such not-so-well-known schools and get easily employed as well.

Job Rates at a Glance

With such contrasting figures between the job rates of Stanford or Harvard with the State Universities like Texas State or Iowa State University, there are many other schools in line which might prove to be a good option to the aspirants. Here is a table of B-Schools with their job rates and average starting bonus:


Job Rate Three Months Later

Average Annual Package

Stanford Graduate School of Business


$ 176083

Harvard Business School



Texas State University McCoy



Iowa State University



Stevens Institute of Technology



University of Washington Foster



North Carolina A&T State University



Clemson University



Rochester Institute of Technology



St Louis University



University of Rochester



University of Florida



Vanderbilt University



Georgia Institute of Technology



University of Texas, Dallas



Georgetown University



Emory University



Texas A&M University



University of Tennessee, Knoxville



Of these figures, one can definitely see a stark difference in the average package from the top-rated B-school to that of not-so-widely known ones. But the major difference of course remains the return of investments that one makes in the realm of higher education. With these thoughts in mind, a student can obviously take into consideration the lesser-known schools with the highest employability rate and comparatively lower fee structure as compared to either Harvard or Stanford.

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