Got A Reject From IIM – A/B/C? Here Is A Compelling Option – BITSoM

“You don’t need to be a Harvard Graduate to become the most successful lawyer in the  country”  

One of the dialogues that stuck with me from the series “Suits” 

The shift from known knowledge to a piece of paper showcasing you have done a course has been  the highlight of the current Indian education system.  

Now in retrospection, belonging to a country like India with a population of 136 crores, with approximately 50  percent of the entire population being under the age of 25, there are people equivalent to the  population of the United States who are trying to educate themselves. These numbers if taken on their  face value can seem really daunting. 

We have whirlpool ourselves in an environment where the emphasis on competition is much  more than on education. Elon Musk blatantly points out the flaws in the education system clearly  stating you don’t need to go to the best engineering college, you rather need to be the best  engineer. Good quality of education is no longer the privilege of people going to IITs/IIMs. It is  accessible to one and all via the medium of a number of educational institutes. 

There are nearly 2 lakh students appearing for various management exams in one calendar year. Out of  these, less than 10% get into the IIMs.  For sure these selected students have leverage  over the others, but that does not infer that the remaining 90%  of students have nowhere to go.  

Well, if you don’t qualify to get into an IIM, why not bring the IIM quality of education to you?  

BITSoM has decided to disrupt the generic mentality by focussing thoroughly on education and  not just the numbers,they have been doing this for 57 years already.  

Getting into IIM would provide you with a leverage for sure, but you don’t need to have second  thoughts when it comes to having secondary options to back yourself.  

Having succeeded in their attempt of getting quality engineering education to students to an extent  that their students many a times outsmart the ones in different IITs, BITS now brings to quality MBA  education served on plate, and curated by industry leaders.  

Laying a foundation for the future years is of utmost importance and not passing some test does not take that away from you. An MBA program is majorly based on the fact about how much  knowledge you are grasping from your mentors.  

Learned professionals from IITs, IIMs, and Stanford is what BITSoM offers you.  

The idea has been very clear from that founding stone laid itself in the financial capital of the country  Mumbai, which is the heart of the Corporate world, where Google, Amazon and all industry giants  have been hoarding. The college is situated right where the recruiters are, contributing to the  overall vibrancy to the entire environment. 

Bringing in their diverse global faculty, they have pretty much decided to broaden your horizon by  providing insights not just on the Indian Market, but by painting a more complete picture of global  markets. Yesterday’s frameworks for business are no longer relevant for what is to come. In order  to succeed in an evolving world, one has to be innovative and adaptive. 

Current business schools are preparing their students for a utopian scenario which is indeed  destroying the very creative freedom for which they choose this field of business studies. BITSoM  focuses on nurturing that very creative freedom and channelling it in the right direction. The  innovative curriculum blends core management courses with an eclectic mix of mandatory courses  on Design Thinking, Emerging Technologies and Data Analytics. The curriculum will also be  augmented by workplace essentials for holistic development. This will enable students to embrace  an ever-changing business landscape with a new vigour and confidence  

Thus, it is no longer necessary to be an IIM graduate to land you jobs in the jungle of an environment  that is present out there. BITSoM has provided the students with an environment to nurture their  holistic growth which is just what the Indian Education System needed as it’s market disruptor.

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