Challenges Faced by the Sports Industry and How You Can Help Resolve Them

The sports industry since times immemorial has been filled with an utmost level of zeal and passion. The very spirit of competition and harmony as instilled by the realm of sports cannot be instilled through any other activity. This is the primal reason behind the very essence of sportsmanship being important in every sphere of life in contemporary times. Aligning these qualities in the practical sphere, the realm of sports management remains one of the most upcoming and thrilling paths to make a career in. Even amidst this, a lot many challenges remain in the industry that makes the domain of sports management, yet an evolving one. Some of the major challenges faced by the sports management industry are:

Attracting Audience

In a world, where the screen dominates our day-to-day presence, getting the audience to the physical setup becomes a task in itself. In fact, the spread of the pandemic made the aspect of attracting a live audience in the real-time setup much more difficult. To maximize the prospects of these goals, it is essential to get the marketing aspect of certain sports tournaments right.

Technological Transformations

The ever-evolving world is presenting us with a lot many technological transformations. To accommodate such resources in the realm of sports becomes the need of the hour. However, to keep up with such rapid transformations and the application of the same requires a lot amount of effort and creativity.

Game-day Experiences

The game-day experiences refer to varied background events that kickstart and also mark the end of the game day. These events can refer to varied prediction shoots, players’ get-togethers, filler events, etc. To manage such events along with the ultimate tournament day becomes one of the major challenges of the sports management industry.

Maintaining a Healthy PR

The postmodern world all around us makes the aspect of image very central to the being. Thereon, maintaining a good PR or ‘healthy image’ per se becomes one of the most important tasks. It becomes way more challenging considering the bounds that the realm of social media poses.

Unforeseeable Odds

The onset of the pandemic in every way highlighted the very essence of the unpredictable nature of things. This is why accommodating the possibility of varied natural calamities or even other unforeseeable circumstances becomes very essential.

Keeping up with Trend

It is essential to keep up with the trends and pitch different formats in which games can be organized, be it through the formation of regional clubs or by altering certain set rules of games. This highlights the very aspect of innovation that makes these sports much more desirable for the audience.


The International Institute of Sports Management or IISM aims to instill such a skill set among the students that they ace in the domain of sports management and face all these challenges with utmost might. Conferred with Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar in 2020, by the Hon’ble President of India, the institute aims to provide the best arena for students to carve their careers in the sports management industry. The holistic placements at IISM speak length about the immersive pedagogy. These placements have been in places like Star Sports, Rajasthan Royals, FICCI, Aditya Birla Sports, Sports Authority of India, among many other leading names.

Some of the leading programs that IISM offers in the said realm are:

PGP in Sports Event Management

This Postgraduate Program in Sports Event Management is based on a coming-of-age curriculum that makes an individual adept with all the necessary skills to become a Sports Event Manager. The real-life and practical exposure is provided by combining the theoretical as well as event exposure to the students. This very nexus bridges the gap between classroom learning and practical life. It is an 11-month autonomous program, where students are given assistance for placements and internships.

MSM in Sports Management

The MSM degree in Sports Management guarantees that students get nuanced training in every arena of sports management. The program aims to instill the qualities required to manage operations, marketing, governance, and management of any team or any sports event. This is a 2-year full-time program in collaboration with the University of Mumbai & GICED. This program opens up multitude of avenues for students in the realm of sports management.

BSM in Sports Management

A Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management warrants a luminary start for those who envision a career in this field. It is a great foundational platform for the students who have just completed their schooling and are enamored by the realm of sports and management. It is a three-year full-time program offered in collaboration with The University of Mumbai and GICED. The comprehensive ecosystem of IISM ensures that students get the apt kick to envision a career in this field.

IISM Admission Process:

IISM follows a holistic admission process and the selection of aspirants depends upon 2 stages:

Stage 1: a) SMAT (80 marks) b) Overall Performance (20 marks) and Essay for undergraduates/ Caselets for postgraduates (80 marks)

The candidates must at least secure 50% marks in the 1st stage of the admission process (i.e 90 out of 180)

Stage 2: Personal Interview

SMAT is scheduled on 24 August 2021. Last date to register is 21 August 2021

You can find more information about the programmes here.

Considering the overall exposure to the industry and the immense scope that the arena holds, the realm of Sports Management is definitely the best choice for students who love sports and management alike.

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