What is the eligibility criteria for an executive MBA Program?

While most people like to go for their post graduate degree as soon as they finish their graduation, many people cannot afford to do so for various reasons.

They get a job and start working. Hence, the executive MBA program is a management programme for post graduates which has been made exclusively for professionals who want to want and have a desire to evolve their skills in managing and supervising in the industry they work in so that they are better prepared to adapt and tackle the corporate environment which keeps changing all the time. This also helps them keep themselves relevant for potential recruiters.

The content of the course of a regular programme of MBA is quite similar to the content of the course of an executive MBA programme. The main difference lies in the target audience of both the programs. As we said earlier, this programme is specifically designed for executives and professionals who have considerable experience.

This is why it is often shorter in its course duration (18 months or a year instead of the regular 2 years). The education is imparted in the form of part-time classes. Because it is aimed at professionals with work experience, the fees of such a programme is higher than most MBA programmes meant for regular students. Despite their shorter duration, their fees range from a low of INR 10 lakhs to a high of INR 40 lakhs.

However, many times, the person who wants to pursue an Executive MBA degree is backed by their employers and is often provided assistance for their finances in some way or the other. Sometimes, even their entire programme is sponsored by their employer.

This is mainly because of the traction that the executive MBA programme has garnered from all over the globe. More and more people are now gaining some job experience before going for an executive MBA because it provides a little edge to them over their competitors.

The work experience that they acquire only adds to their profile professionally. On top of that, the best business schools also offer their graduates campus placements where the average annual salary is always north of INR 13 lakhs.

The eligibility criteria for an executive MBA are:

  The candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a university which is recognized by the college they are applying to.

 While a lot of institutes also want the candidates to have scored a minimum of 50 percent marks in their graduation, there are a lot of institutes with no such cut off.

       The candidate must have work experience in the capacity of an executive or a manager or a supervisor. This work experience should be full time.

     The minimum number of years of work experience required for eligibility is different for every institute. However, no institute accepts less than 2 years of job experience. The general range for the work experience is between 2 years and 10 years. One should check the particular institute’s eligibility criteria before they apply.

       Some institutes also have a minimum age barrier for their candidates. One should check it before they apply.