Is FMS Delhi a good option for MBA Executive Program?

An executive MBA program, often referred to as an E-MBA program is an online program which is aimed at delivering education in the field of management of high quality to the professionals and executives who are working. Most of the prominent business schools in India offer this program and so does FMS Delhi.

The Faculty of Management Studies in Delhi is one of the top business schools in the country and is renowned for high return on investment. Before we get into the subjective details of the executive MBA program of FMS Delhi, let’s see the objective details.

  • The duration of the course is 2 years. These 2 years are obviously not full time, but a part time course so that the officials can keep up their work too.
  • The total fees for the 2 year course at this prestigious college is just about INR 1 lakh. This is way lower than other top tier business schools and even most of the middle tier business schools.
  • The executive MBA program of FMS Delhi was ranked 6th across the country in 2017 by Business Today.
  • A person who undertakes this course is not only provided with classroom sessions but also provided with various guest lecturers, sessions with corporates, live projects, studies in the field, and many other activities which build an all round CV and character of an individual.
  • The fundamentals of managerial behaviour in the workplace like management of human resources, management of marketing, management of transitions, and understanding the behaviour inside organizations is taught in the first year along with other topics like finance and management, management of information technology, and various quantitative methods.
  • The specialization which a student chooses comes into focus in the second year where one can take courses in the specialized fields of finance, leadership, marketing, strategy, entrepreneurship, and systems.
  • For qualifying for the executive MBA program at FMS Delhi, a candidate must have a graduate degree in any field from a university which the college recognizes.
  • The candidate should have gained a minimum work experience of at least 5 years to qualify for the program. They must also show a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from their current employer.

Apart from all the reasons listed above, there are various other reasons which make FMS Delhi a good business school to pursue an executive MBA program. They are:

  1. Return on Investment

Due to its low college fees and high average packages, the return on investment for the candidates of this college is much higher than the more famous IIMs and private institutions like XLRI.

  1. Experienced Faculty

As expected from a highly reputed business school, all of its faculty members and teaching staff are not just highly educated but are also quite experienced in the field.

  1. Affiliation

The institute is affiliated to the University of Delhi, one of the most prestigious and sought after universities in the country.

  1. Diversity

A rich diversity of engineers, IT professionals, doctors, CAs, PSU employees, etc. can be found in the batches.

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