What are the Best MBA colleges for Human Resource in India?

In today’s day and change, everything is rapidly changing. Nothing remains constant anymore. With the ever-changing industry, human relations continue to change too.

The relation between an employee and an employer, the relation between two employees, and other such dynamic relations which form the interface of the corporate world, one cannot assume that a Human Resource Manager or an HR Manager is only restricted to managing personnel and overseeing their functions.

In the old days, the function of an HR manager usually consisted of managing those human resources and making sure they were adequately available within the organisation. This management was done in many ways including management of their performances, managing the various relations in the workplace, and planning the use of resources properly.

The main tasks of an HR manager were hiring an employee, firing an employee, taking an important part in the training of an employee, and being a point of contact between the company and the employees where they could solve their personal problems.

All of these tasks, along with any other task which was related to these employees and other personnel, had to be conducted by the HR manager in ways which were fair, effective, consistent, and most importantly, legal.

Nowadays, the role of a human resource manager has crossed boundaries and spilled into managing the profits and losses of the company, keeping tabs on the return on investment (ROI) of the company, deciding the various bonuses and compensations, delivering said bonuses and compensations on time, and maintaining industry relations as well.

As the role of a human resource manager has expanded, the amount of education and training they require has grown as well. Hence, there are institutes which have kept up with these changes better than others. They have constantly upgraded their course and its curriculum to resonate with the demand of the industry.

The best colleges for an MBA in HRM are:

  1. XLRI Jamshedpur

The Xavier Labour Relations Institute in Jamshedpur is widely regarded as one of the best private colleges for MBA in India. It’s HR program is also the same. The fees for an HR course in this college is about INR 20 lakhs and it accepts the scores of the entrance examinations XAT and GMAT.

  1. TISS Mumbai

The Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai also ranks among the top colleges for MBA in India with an outstanding HR programme. This college conducts its own entrance examination called TISSNET and its course fees is about INR 1 lakhs.

  1. IMI Delhi

The International Management Institute in Delhi has one of the best HR programmes in the country. It accepts the scores of GMAT and CAT and the fees for the human resource management programme in this college is about INR 15.5 lakhs.

  1. IIM Ranchi

The Indian Institute of Management in Ranchi has an MBA programme in HR which rivals the HR programmes of the best IIMs. It accepts the score of CAT and the course fees for the Human Resource Management programme is about INR 12.5 lakhs.