An MBA in Finance & Banking is an apt choice for students aiming to gain insights into the Finance and Banking domain. The program has numerous advantages for candidates that want to learn different concepts and skills in Banking and Finance, such as financial analysis, investing, portfolio management, valuation models, and forecasting.

Moreover, the program can help ensure that students can fit the role of different positions in leadership and management in the Banking and Finance field. Graduates can help individuals and organizations gain insights into managing and growing the finances of banks and other organizations and help them achieve their financial goals.

An MBA in Finance & Banking is a two-year full-time program offered by many prestigious business schools in India. The program is focused on enhancing the analytical, strategical, financial, and marketing knowledge and skills of students.

Moreover, it helps develop a comprehensive perspective among students regarding various functional aspects of the Banking and Finance industry. The program offers a deeper understanding of the banking administration, financial firms, and the financial aspects of other businesses.

MBA in Finance & Banking at Chitkara Business School

MBA in Finance & Banking program at Chitkara Business School is a two year full-time MBA program is taught in eight trimesters which require three months for completion each. The program takes a module-based teaching approach with each module including two subjects having 2/3 credit.

Each credit requires around 18-hours of classroom teaching learning and projects. With 2/4 models in each term, the curriculum is designed and implemented with the help of the best practitioners in Finance & Banking industry.

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Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Corporate Finance, & Wealth Management

After the first year of Finance & Banking, students can pursue a specialization in Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, & Wealth Management. The specialization can help students gain an in-depth insight into the financial domain. Management fundamentals and training through Financial Consulting Projects can help graduates prepare for their professional careers in this domain.

Specialization in Financial Markets Practice in Collaboration with Bombay Stock Exchange
In the second year, students can learn with the help of the Bombay Stock Exchange and gain insights and perspectives into financial market practices, policies, and regulations. This specialization includes topics, such as Fundamental & Technical Analysis, Financial Modeling, Debt Market, Fixed Income Securities, and Credit Risk Management.

Career Prospects
Graduates from this program can work with government and private banks, mortgage companies, credit establishments, and savings and loan unions. The banking and finance industry has experienced significant growth in the recent decade and is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

The retail banking sector is assumed to be the crucial development zone for banks; additionally, different sectors, such as Corporate Credit, SME Banking, Insurance, and Mutual Funds, are likely to grow as well.

The graduates with an MBA in Banking & Finance are offered the job roles requiring somewhat extensive knowledge and insights in the banking environment.

Graduates are employed by financial institutions (e.g., banks, NBFCs, and insurance companies), large- and small-sized industrial firms, service-oriented firms, non-profit enterprises as well as private businesses in various roles including Accounts Manager, Marketing Manager, Executive Assistant, Marketing Analyst, Business Analyst, Finance Manager, Cashier, Equity Research Analyst, Investment Banker, and Corporate Analyst.

Some of the prominent recruiters at Chitkara include Capital IQ, Yes Bank, WNS, Standard Chartered, IndusInd Bank, ICICI Bank, HSBC, Citibank, Allstate, Moody’s, Reliance, and DLF.

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