Aligarh Muslim University Launching 2-year MBA Programme on Islamic Banking & Finance
Aligarh Muslim University New Course

The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has planned to launch a dedicated program for MBA in Islamic Banking & Finance. As per the latest update, the opening ceremony for the MBA in Islamic Banking & Finance Programme shall be held on last week by the Department of Business Administration (DBA), Faculty of Management Studies and Research (FMSR), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

The stood to be a different course for MBA has been begun as a two-year full-time program that aims to train students in the management of Islamic Banking and Financing system.

The media release, AMU’s MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance program will be an answer to a large number of people who are left out of the banking system due to religious reasons. The program will discuss this problem and produce an alternative method that shall also be acceptable as per ethical norms. At the opening event for the program, AMU’s FMSR head said that there are numerous challenges in the acceptance of the idea of Islamic Banking. The University plans to address these issues and solve to include a large portion of people who are yet excluded from the banking infrastructure.

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According to Mr. M. H. Khatkhatay the chief guest at the inaugural event of MBA in Islamic Banking & Finance program at Aligarh Muslim University. While addressing has expressed his confident outlook towards the program and how it can transform the lives of people who are yet eliminated from the Banking process. Additionally, he also pointed out the gap that survives between theory and practice of Islamic Banking & Finance. Also added as part of the program, students will get a chance to meet and communicate with distinguished scholars and practitioners of Islamic Banking from India and across the world to aid them better to understand challenges that surround it and likewise identify desirable solutions for them.

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