The Management Development Institute or MDI is one of the finest B-schools in India. Consistently ranking amongst the best management institutes of the country, MDI Gurgaon is a perfect candidate to represent the world-class Indian business education, especially the MBA equivalent programme, in the world.

Apart from the national accreditations, MDI Gurgaon also boasts two international accreditations- Association of MBAs, UK and the SAQS recognition.

One of the highlights of the 2-year Post Graduate Diploma in Management programmes is Exchange Programmes for both students and faculty. MDI has tie-ups with more than 80 international management institutes and colleges.

With this program, students get exposure to global management education and environment, learn about the cultures across the world to become a credible future leader in the corporate world.

While MDI students spend one term of their Post Graduate Programme course in an international B-School, the institute prepares to play host to the interested International students.

The International Relations Office is responsible for ensuring a smooth exchange program experience of both outgoing and incoming students.

MDI International Relations Office

The International Relations Office (IRO) of MDI Gurgaon facilitates the Student Exchange Program intending to share and grow the world-class learning experience of the B-school.

The Exchange Programs provide international exposure, experience, the scope of personal and professional development to both outgoing MDI students and the incoming international students. The IRO aims to make the process as simple and as smooth as possible.

What does MDI offer to incoming students?

Upon arrival, all international students will get a Student Id and an email ID for effortless movement and interactions while staying at MDI Gurgaon.

  1. Accommodation- MDI Gurgaon offers high standard housing facilities on a twin sharing basis for international students. Students will be housed in the MDI Gurgaon campus to facilitate interaction with peers and faculty. The quality of Air-conditioned rooms will cost Rs.13,000 per month.
  2. Common Room Access– Incoming students will get access to a common room that includes modern amenities such as a TV, a satellite TV, kitchen, refrigerator and a computer. Students can sit and relax in the common room whenever they like.
  3. Food– MDI Gurgaon will provide breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner at a very nominal rate for all exchange students. In addition to the mess food, MDI Gurgaon has 3 canteens from where the students can buy snacks. The MDI Mess charges are around Rs. 4,000 to 5,000.
  4. Laundry- Students will also get the benefit of on-campus laundry service at nominal rates.
  5. Study Materials– MDI Gurgaon will provide international students with all necessary textbooks and study materials at a very minimal rate.
  6. On-Campus ATM– MDI Gurgaon also has International ATMs on the campus premise.
  7. Medical Facilities– MDI Gurgaon has a 24×7 Ambulance service, An on-campus doctor till 4 pm and a team of doctors for regular medical services.
  8. Sports facilities– The Gymnasium of MDI Gurgaon is well-equipped and fully air-conditioned. The B-school also has a Badminton Court, a Tennis court and ground for Basketball, Cricket and Football.

International Student Experiences

Almost every international incoming student loved their time in India and MDI Gurgaon. The vibrant Indian culture, tasty Indian cuisines, friendly people and the ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ treatment left an everlasting impression on the minds of the international students.

Daniel Beckmann, a student of the Copenhagen Business School spent 4 months in MDI Gurgaon. An Indian cuisine admirer, Daniel loved his time in MDI Gurgaon and India. He got the opportunity to discover Indian culture while learning about management.

Camille Vinel, an EDHEC Business School student also enjoyed her stay in MDI Gurgaon and India. India was always on her bucket list. Having spent 3 months in India, she also familiarized herself with the Hindi language.

She found MDI Gurgaon a reliable and quality B-school with a strong international-level academic background. At the end of her testimonial, she thanked the IRC team for making the international students feel at home.

Eligibility Criteria for Incoming Students

To apply for the international exchange program at MDI, candidates must follow the below-listed steps.

  • Approaching the International Office of their B-school.
  • Confirming and Signing of an Exchange Program Agreement between the International institute and MDI Gurgaon.
  • The student must be enrolled in an active programme of their institute.

For more details, contact the IRO of MDI Gurgaon.

2020 Nomination Timeline

Interested candidates can apply for either Spring term or Autumn term at MDI Gurgaon.

Autumn: 30th June

Spring: 30th November

Registration Timeline

Autumn: 30th May

Spring: 30th November

Note- Testimonials of International students are based on the statements of the students present on the official website of MDI Gurgaon.

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