Ragging and Sexual Harassment are criminal offences but two grave realities of modern-day college life. Every year, thousands of college students get affected by both crimes, with most students committing suicide as the pain and shame becomes too much to bear.

Not only as a society, but it is also the responsibility college administrators to take preventive measures for both Ragging and Sexual Harassment in the premises.

However, despite being criminal offences, the number of cases and complaints are rising every year. Due to the rising atrocities, UGC and AICTE made it mandatory for the affiliated colleges to impose strict rules for ragging.

Colleges or Universities should also take moral responsibility and precautionary measures to provide an extra safe and secure environment for the women students and employees from sexual predators.

The National Institute of Bank Management is one such institute that has taken measures to prevent and completely stop ragging and sexual harassment incidents by adopting a set policy framework.

Anti-Ragging Compliance Policy

The NIBM Pune has adopted the All India Council for Technical Education’s 2009 Notification to prevent and prohibit ragging incidents in the campus. This policy is applicable and imposed in all AICTE approved colleges.

All students admitted to the institute are required to sign the compulsory anti-ragging affidavits. Any student must not initiate, encourage, participate or promote any kind of individual or group ragging.

If any NIBM Pune student is found engaging or promoting any kind of ragging or bullying, he or she will face the following actions.

  • Fine of Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 1 lakh will be imposed.
  • NIBM Pune will cancel the admission of the guilty student/s.
  • Any kind of scholarships, fellowships and other benefits will get withhold.
  • NIBM will not allow the student/s to appear in the exams.
  • The institute will also not allow such student/s to participate in any national or international competition, youth festivals or seminars.
  • NIBM will also expel the student from the hostel.

Measures– NIBM Pune has formed multiple Grievance Redress Committees to stop any kind of ragging and “provide a mechanism to students for the redress of their grievances”.

Policies to Prevent, Prohibit and Redressal of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

NIBM’s objective is to provide a safe, sound and secure environment to not just women students but also the female employees of the institute. Educational institutes also fall under the 2013 Parliament Act to prevent, prohibition and redressal of the Sexual Harassment in the Work Place.

The National Institute of Bank Management follows a ‘Zero-tolerance’ policy when it comes to sexual harassment cases. At present, there is a working Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) to address Sexual Harassment complaints.

The institute’s objective is to create a gender-sensitized environment by spreading awareness amongst all members of the institute- from student to faculty.

The policies adopted by NIBM aims to ensure a governing and fast-track redressal grievance mechanism system to deal and act on the issue as quickly as possible. The institute also intends to ensure and prevent any unexpected reaction from any of the involved individuals.

What will account as an act of Sexual Harassment?

As per the 2013 Parliament Act, any of the following unwelcome acts and behaviours will be considered sexual harassment. Unwelcome or acts or acts without consent, whether directly or indirectly, will immediately count as sexual harassment.

  • Untoward/Unwelcome Physical Advances and Contact
  • Demanding or requesting sexual favours from any employee or student in return of employment, teaching, participation, etc.
  • Sexually-Coloured Remarks
  • Showing pornography
  • “Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non‐verbal conduct perceived to be of a
  • sexual nature.”
  • Any form of forceful interference, intimidation or hostility.
  • Any explicit comment or message in any form/medium that hints any form of sexual advance.


NIBM Pune will take the following necessary disciplinary measures in case a student or NIBM employee is found involved in any form of sexual harassment. The action will depend on the “nature of violence” as stated by NIBM.

  1. Issuance of a Warning.
  2. Directing the offender to issue a written apology and sign a bond of good behaviour.
  3. For an employee or student of NIBM, adverse remarks will be recorded in the service book of the offender.
  4. NIBM holds the rights to suspend any student, faculty or employee.
  5. Expulsion/ Dismissal of the student or employee.
  6. The offender can face the denial of re‐admission/ re-employment in NIBM.

Redressal Actions

The Director of NIBM will take the necessary action within 2 months after receiving the recommendation report from the ICC.

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