Middlesex University Dubai is the famous Middlesex University’s first abroad campus, located in London, United Kingdom. If you live in Dubai, you will be particularly interested in the following information. 

Accounting and Finance, Business Management, Marketing, Computer Engineering, IT, Data Science, Robotics, Education, Psychology, Law, Digital Media, Film, Creative Writing and Journalism, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, and many other foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs are available at both locations. 

Courses offered by MDX Dubai

Below highlighted are a few of the postgraduate courses and you can learn more about them and their other programs by visiting their official website.

1. MSc Banking and Finance 

A career in this field is full of fascinating and significant challenges, such as fixing the damage caused by the recession and designing new creative business models. 

2. MSc Investment Management

This curriculum also includes quantitative and computational tools for portfolio analysis and management, securities and derivatives theory and application, and wealth fund accounting and financial management.

3. MA Human Resource Management and Development

This MA gets meant to educate recent graduates and those in the early stages of their careers who want to dive further into the profession and promote career growth. It focuses on strategy, people resourcing, reward management, employment relations, and leadership.

4. MA Business International business management

This challenging programme is ideal for students who want to manage in an international setting. They also want to advance their career options in this industry or advance in the current industry. 

5. MSc Marketing Communication and Brand Management

It’s an engaging curriculum that allows students to research topics in corporate marketing communication theory and practice in a well-established and intellectually demanding context and framework. Students can choose from a variety of additional content-based courses that build on the content of the core modules and go deeper into more specialised and specialist parts of communications.

6. MSc Digital Marketing Analytics

The MSc Digital Marketing degree gets offered by Middlesex University’s Business School’s Marketing, Branding, and Tourism Department. The MSc programme blends conceptual and theoretical thinking with the chance to develop practical understanding and application. 

7. MSc Strategic Marketing

The Master’s Strategic Marketing program gets designed to prepare you for a successful career by fostering the development of a wide variety of knowledge and skills that will enable you to operate effectively both collaboratively and independently. 


MBA courses offered by MDX Dubai

Here are some of the MBA courses provided by MDX Dubai that you won’t be able to resist enrolling in. 

1. MBA in Finance

Students will learn how to analyse corporate data, estimate economic trends, take methods to increase stock value, choose investment portfolios, and balance risk and profitability in this course. 

The following two modules will get covered:- 

  • Applied Corporate Finance (20 Credits) – Compulsory
  • International Finance (20 Credits) – Compulsory 

2. MBA in Marketing

The University will teach the students about sales and marketing in many sectors, executive skills in leadership management, consumer trends, market strategies, product management and market research.

The following two modules will get covered during this course:

  • Digital Marketing (20 Credits) – Compulsory 
  • Marketing Communications (20 Credits) – Compulsory

3. MBA in Business Excellence

The Business Excellence pathway teaches you all you need to know about organisational learning and quality management and how they relate to achieving business excellence. The following two modules will get covered during this programme:

  • Business Excellence and Quality Management (20 Credits):- Compulsory
  • Governance and Sustainability (20 Credits): Compulsory

4. MBA Operations and Supply Chain Management

This pathway got designed to gather more knowledge on how operations and logistics contribute to an organisation’s efficiency, responsiveness, and profitability. The following two modules will get covered:

  • Supply Chain Management (20 Credits) – This module is required.
  • Operations Strategy (20 Credits) – This module is required.

5. MBA Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

This course will provide you with a thorough grasp of Sustainability and corporate responsibility. It is critical for any forward-thinking and responsible company. The following two modules will get covered:

  • Governance and Sustainability (20 Credits): Compulsory
  • Organisational Sustainability (20 Credits) – This course is required.

6. MBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship track reflects the UAE’s pioneering and avant-garde mentality and the region’s prevalence of SMEs, family businesses, and free zones. The following two modules will get covered:

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (20 Credits) – This course is required.
  • Managing Innovation (20 Credits) – This module is compulsory. 

7. MBA Business Analytics

The Company Analytics programme teaches you to use skills, tools, and practices to explore and investigate historical business performance and use data to drive business strategy. The following two modules will get studied by the students:

  • Data Analytics (20 Credits) is a required course.
  • Advanced Business Statistics (20 Credits)- Compulsory

8. MBA Islamic Economy

The Islamic Economy Journey offers students insight into a market worth an estimated $2 trillion in consumer spending by some 1.6 billion young Muslims. Here are the following modules- 

  • Islamic Banking and Finance (20 Credits)
  • Islamic Management and Marketing (20 Credits)

9. MBA Healthcare Management

This course equips you with the academic and practical knowledge needed to meet the contemporary challenges of the healthcare industry.

  • Performance Excellence in the Healthcare Business (20 Credits)
  • Informatics and Innovation in Healthcare (20 Credits)

10. MBA Project Management

The Project Management track allows you to specialise in project management approaches such as planning, monitoring, and management. Here are the following modules- 

  • Applied Project Management (20 Credits)
  • Fundamentals of Project Management (20 Credits) – This module is required.

11. MBA General

Students may select two modules from the following list, provided they do not lead to a specific area of ​​interest. Due to time constraints, some combinations may not be possible.

Thus, Middlesex University Dubai is an excellent choice for students looking for a top-notch education. With experienced faculty, modern facilities, and a focus on student success, Middlesex University Dubai has everything students need to achieve their academic goals. It is highly recommend to anyone interested in pursuing a quality education.

Admissions are open for the September intake. To apply or for more information about the courses at MDX Dubai, click here.


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