A B-School journey is not primarily constrained within the four walls of a classroom but offers a more holistic approach towards learning. Extracurricular activities, peer involvement, diverse interaction, and innovative approach, combine and come together to play an integral role in building a budding professional. It is crucial to consider that a B-school prepares a student to face the corporate world. In that context, diversifying one’s technical understanding and soft skills becomes important.

Here are some reasons why you should consider joining student clubs at your  B-School.

  • Peer Involvement 

Involvement with like-minded yet diverse sets of peers is one of the significant advantages of engaging in any extracurricular activity. By being a core member of any such club, students can interact and learn multiple new things from their peers.

  • Skill Maximization 

Besides the opportunity to meet and greet like-minded individuals, one can also learn a lot about the field of their interest. A jazz musician can learn the art of rock music, and a MUN expert can learn a lot about Parliamentary debate. This is possible through active involvement in extracurricular clubs.

  • Enhance Communication 

By working in a team, one can learn managerial skills and enhance their communication quotient. They can go out of their way to communicate and connect with people from different backgrounds. This helps one in the professional world to a large extent.

  • Leadership Skills 

Being involved in extracurricular activities helps students organize multiple events and partake and participate in numerous initiatives. This mandates the importance of honing leadership skills among students. One can, of course, carry this ahead in their corporate careers.

  • Organizational Skills 

Be it organizing annual fests or regular practice sessions, by being an active member of any student club, one hones their organizational skills. This hustling benefits later in life when students enter the corporate world and organize their work.

The IFMR Graduate School of Business (GSB)  seeks to develop industry’s future leaders,  providing a variety of courses that assist students in converting into budding professionals by combining theory with real-world experience. IFMR offers competitive and cutting-edge MBA programmes where the curriculum requires students to engage in thriving student life actively. There are several clubs active on campus allowing students to broaden their approach and engage in various extracurricular activities.

Some of the prominent clubs on campus include:

  • Laasya: This is the cultural committee of IFMR. It organizes Connector, a fest to bring the junior and senior batches of MBA together.
  • Nritya: This is the dance club of IFMR. All the dance enthusiasts of the campus join this club and showcase their versatile talent.
  • Team Raga: This is the music club of the IFMR. Aiming to bring about harmonious enthusiasm on the campus, it offers multiple opportunities to students who share a taste for music.
  • Abhinay: The drama club of IFMR brings all the theatre specialists under one roof. It has showcased multiple productions catering to real-life and fictional set-ups.

These clubs allow students to push their limits and make the most of their B-School experience. Students looking to maximize their horizons in their B-School journey should join these clubs and embark upon expanding their skills – all through the inclusive gates of IFMR.

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