Businesses nowadays are operating in a fast-paced world. Thanks to emerging digital advances, organizations today have more effective options than ever before. Business analytics is one of the essential things that has aided organizations in their quest for more significant success. The analytics industry has progressed from just showing data to more collaborative corporate intelligence that anticipates outcomes and aids in future decision-making.

What can you understand when you hear the term “business analytics”?

Business analytics can be described as a brand-new technology to filter historical or current business data. They are utilized to assemble complex models of data for predicting future growth. Business Analytics is increasingly using the benefits of statistical methodologies and technologies to examine historical data. They get used to coming up with new ideas to help them make future strategic decisions.

Business Intelligence, a subset of Business Analytics, is essential for forecasting and enforcing insights into everyday operations using different tools and techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

Business Analytics operations include Data Collection, Data Mining, Sequence Identification, Text Mining, Forecasting, Predictive Analytics, Optimisation, and Data Visualization.

For helpful insights, Business Analytics brings together the fields of business management and IT. These data and inputs get utilized to redesign company processes to increase efficiency and create a more productive system.

Like other aspects of business, business analytics has an essential function to play in the organization. These include:-

  • It can turn raw data into more helpful inputs so that it may get used in decision-making.
  • One can get better know-how of the primary and secondary data generated by exploring business analytics insights. It allows firms to improve their processes and become more productive. 
  • Businesses will be one step ahead of their competitors and have access to the most up-to-date toolsets to help them make better decisions and increase profitability to stay competitive. 

Why must you pursue an MBA in Business Analytics?

With the growing demand for technology, there has been a significant increase in the number of start-ups and new businesses in India utilizing data for business efficiency. Thus, MBA Graduates in the Business Analytics program can seek various professional opportunities in India and abroad.

An MBA in Business Analytics graduate will have a plethora of options. Apart from these perks, there are other professional advantages that this degree provides-

Investigate a new field with a plethora of undiscovered possibilities

The field of business analytics is very young. With technical innovations, it is still evolving. Because of these elements, the sector offers a lot of untapped potential and undiscovered chances. A Master’s degree allows you to identify and take advantage of these opportunities. If you want to try something new while simultaneously creating a diverse career, then this one’s for you.

Professional experimentation abounds

Business analysis is a relatively new multidisciplinary field. As a result, it provides a flexible job profile for experiments. You can work in the areas that interest you the most before deciding on your favourite.

Opportunity to advance professionally and collaborate with world’s most prestigious associations

Regardless of their strength, all types of businesses are utilizing business analytics today. If you choose to work for any start-up, you will have the opportunity to learn some new things and expand your expertise in the industry via practical experience. Your second choice is to join some of the world’s most prestigious organizations. You will have many study opportunities and various additional social benefits.

A bright future ahead

Business analytics is the job of the future! Globally, about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data get created every day, and the quantities are continually growing. These figures show that the need for specialists in this industry will continue to rise for many years to come. As a result, graduates with an MBA in Business Analytics will always be in demand and have a promising future in the worldwide market.

Colleges in India providing Post Graduate Programmes in Business Analytics

Post graduate aspiring students looking for business analytics programs can pursue the course in these institutions-

  • MET Mumbai
  • SIMS, Pune
  • BITS, Pilani
  • LIBA, Chennai

Postgraduate Programme in Strategic Business Analytics at MET Mumbai

The MET AMDC’s ‘Postgraduate Programme in Strategic Business Analytics’ or PGP-SBA is a self-contained two-year intensive flagship program with specializations in Marketing Analytics, Finance Analytics, and Human Resources Analytics and a holistic view and in-depth analytical capability in the core Management area.

PGP-SBA is a more business-oriented specialty than data science or data analytics, and it is less technical. It was created for graduates from any area who want to join the big data revolution but don’t know how to code or use computers.

PGP-SBA, a well-balanced blend of management and analytics disciplines, gives students the skills to acquire, handle, and analyse business data. So, choosing MET to pursue PGP-SBA is an opportunity to grab. Opportunities as such don’t come your way again and again.

Admissions for PGP-SBA are open for the year 2022. To apply or for more details, Click here.

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