Today, the MBA is one of the most popular postgraduate degrees in the world. An MBA degree can help someone earn a higher salary or advance to a top management job. Online MBA courses are becoming increasingly popular among students as online education advances. However, the answers to the most important issues are asked out loud. Is a student enrolled in an online MBA programme in terms of student demographics, this category is similar to that of traditional face-to-face MBA courses.? Can online MBA programmes deliver the same benefits and quality that standard MBA programmes provide? Is there a similar level of student satisfaction in online MBA programmes in comparison to typical face-to-face MBA programmes?

In this post, we have tried to answer all these questions and give you a new picture of what the future holds for you.

Employers in today’s job market are looking for “knowledge employees” who can execute complicated jobs, provide value, and gain new skills and information on a constant basis. To keep up with the economy, which is propelled by remarkable technological breakthroughs, people must be trained and retrained. Unlike traditional MBA, Online MBA is becoming one main type of education delivery method. Distance education and online education are frequently used interchangeably. It is a relatively new phenomenon in the field of distance education. It enables real-time and asynchronous course delivery and gives multimedia experiences with rich educational resources via the Internet and the World Wide Web. Teachers in online classes can use video, audio, and text-based information to offer instruction. Students can take part in e-learning by using online course interfaces and threaded group discussions, electronic and linked resources, virtual conferences, online chat rooms, and multimedia course content. As long as web or mobile access technology is available, online education allows students to learn and teach anytime, anywhere, at their own pace, without having to travel. Face-to-face education, on the other hand, is the most common and traditional delivery modality. It necessitates the physical presence of both course instructors and learners, as well as learning and teaching at the same pace and with the same topic. This is quite difficult to fulfil.

Adult learners are increasingly interested in online education, which is becoming more popular. Online education has become more popular as a result of the Internet and electronic delivery technology. There have been a lot of evolutions in the online education industry and one such innovation is Invact.

Invact introduces you to a 16-week metaMBA programme aimed to assist you land a job in a high-growth company’s primary business function. The programme will provide you with essential employment skills and assist you in developing a proof-of-work portfolio that will help you land a job. The course will be given through Metaversity, where you may benefit from the expertise of your mentors and peers.

This kind of MBA comes with three distinct advantages:

1) Virtual Experience – This allows you to learn outside of the box and to feel at home in a 3D immersive environment. You will be learning and experiencing your MBA journey through VR in the comfort of your home.

2) Virtual Identity – Your Internet presence is more well-known than your physical presence. Your proof of work, social credentials, and skills are all being linked to your virtual avatar on a daily basis.

3) Virtual Assets – You will own all of your virtual assets. From your skins and wins to your photos and moments with your peers, it’s everything here.

Invact MBA is taught by industry experts who are veterans in their respective fields of education. To understand more about the world’s most result-oriented and cost-effective virtual metaMBA, here are a few key highlights of the course.

  • 360° career support
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Mentorship calls
  • Industry driven capstone project
  • 20 + case studies
  • Timely doubt resolution and discussion forum
  • Personalized career counseling
  • EMI option

You can choose your metaMBA specialization among Marketing, Product Management, Finance, and Business Analytics.

Moving ahead the ladder, the next up in the list is a 12 week General Management + 4 week specialization in Product Management. Under this one get to learn from Why should we build this product? Why would users care if we built this product? to Build a plan to hit product-Market Fit.

To know what’s going on in the ecosystem, Invact organises Guest Lectures. These lectures are given by the professionals who are industry experts, here are a few of guest lecturers that will help you understand the industry trend:

– Kunal Shah
Founder & CEO at Cred

– Vijay Sharma
Founder & CEO at Paytm

– Sanjay Gupta
Country Head at Google India

You get to hear from the folks who devised and implemented the winning approach. Crafted by the Ivy leaguers, students of the course are placed in high-growth companies like Cred, Paytm, Snapdeal, Spotify, Bounce, Groww, Meesho, CNBC, and CARS 24.

Invact is reinventing education by creating a job-oriented programme that includes work samples and prepares students for a competitive employment market. Invact Metaversity’s metaMBA is a robust cohort-based course that has been well-received.

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