Business analytics is a powerful tool in the modern economy. A vast amount of data is being generated across the industries every day, every hour, every minute and every second. However, such data is often raw data. Without a proper analysis of such data, business leaders cannot make sound decisions. Analytics imparts meaning to raw by applying various quantitative techniques. India is currently among the top 10 countries in the Data analytics market and already has around 600 data analytics firms with this number only expected to grow in future. AIM Research estimates that in the year 2019-20, the analytics domain contributed to around 19% of the total revenues generated by the Indian IT/ITES sector. It is estimated that this share will increase over the years, reaching 30% by the year 2025. This not only illustrates the huge potential of the analytics industry in India but also necessitates the need for an educational program that develops these skills among graduates. 

Catering to the industry needs, benchmarking analytics programs in the world’s topmost institutes and inputs from experts in this area, BITS Pilani, a designated Institute of Eminence (IoE) by the Government of India, has launched an on-campus MBA in Business Analytics program at its Pilani Campus. 

The Director of BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus, Prof. Sudhirkumar Barai encouraged the Department of Management for taking this lead and expressed, “the program will help the students to master the business acumen powered by analytics. With a robust analytics curriculum having strong industrial components and collaboration, and through various innovative pedagogies, the Department of Management at Pilani Campus will deliver a cutting-edge program in a friendly learning environment. The focus is not only on producing impactful business analysts, but also on developing innovative and result-oriented, yet socially responsible, individuals who are eager to work for the greater good of the humankind.” 

The program is a perfect blend of Statistics, Management Science, Information Technology, Business Intelligence and Computer Science. Program’s primary aim is to create professionals who can change massive data into actionable intelligence by using different quantitative and statistical methods. At the same time, the program also features function specific analytics courses, such as marketing or human resource analytics, to cater to the needs of specific domains. There is a strong strategic component in the program that makes the students aware of the strategic and ethical implications of analytics. Management education at BITS Pilani brings cutting edge thinking and best learning practices to its MBA in Business Analytics program through three semesters of rigorous classroom training coupled with provision for 6 months exposure to industry through structured and evaluative internship (Practice School) making this program one of its kind in India.

More details on the admission process for Academic Year 2021-22 are available on BITS Pilani MBA 2021-23 Admissions – PaGaLGuY

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