In a world where change is the only constant, the aspect of adapting according to every contemporary transformation becomes important. The all-encompassing nature of technology has made humanity dependent on this marvelous invention completely. There are varied pros that come with the domain of technology that makes it ever so efficient. This is why the aspect of data becomes important because, in the contemporary age, data becomes as indispensable as currency. This idea very well transposes in the domain of business. Referring to the past business data and thereon transposing the trends to enhance the present sales become the primal motive of business analytics. Business analytics is the field that refers to analytical modeling and numerical tools to derive effective solutions and carry on the effective decision-making process. This being an evolving domain, is highly in demand and has numerous opportunities in store. With numerous topics like data mining, predictive analysis, data aggregation, optimization, and data visualization, the domain of business analytics is definitely an up-and-coming one.

Business Analytics has varied benefits for organizations. Some of the advantages of Business Analytics are:

  • Assess the Progress

It is said that mankind learns only through past mistakes. Introspection and assessment of the past data become important here on. Any organization can put the business analytics tools to use and understand the pressure points and the aspects to work on to further enhance the business outcomes.

  • Informed and Data-Driven Decision Making

Gone are the days when everything happened through a manual approach. The very organized structure of business and data analytics tools help the businesses to make an informed decision that is data-driven and has a strong analytical backing to it. This is the reason why the efficiency of the problem-solving approach is maximized by implementing business analytics tools.

  • No ambiguity in Insights

By integrating technology with data analysis, one eliminates any possibility of ambiguity in insights. Thereby, the notion of lack of clarity in insights takes a back seat, and organizations can get a clear picture of their sales, strategy, and predicted future growth.

  • Competition Analysis

Another additional advantage of implementing business analytics tools is that one can get the opportunity to assess the strategies of the competition and then do a comparative analysis. This would help the organizations to grow and target the specific customer group according to the market demands.

Considering the ever-expanding realm of business analytics, one can embark on a holistic career by choosing to study this domain. Some of the leading job roles that one can opt for after completing their degree in business analytics are:

  • Business Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Management Consultant

Mumbai Educational Trust (MET League of Colleges) offers a comprehensive Postgraduate Program in Strategic Business Analytics. It is a two-year immersive program offered under MET Asian Management Development Centre. Through the PGP program, one has an option to specialize among the four available certificate options namely, strategic business analytics, marketing analytics, finance analytics, and human resources. Thereby, the students can have an opportunity to get a good grip on the managerial as well as technical concepts of data analytics. Through a comprehensive set of modules, the students are presented with every possible analytical tool to learn the nuances of data and business analytics. This program offers the theory and skill set of business analytics that is beyond MBA and helps the professionals venturing into the domain to excel further. Some of the stellar components of the syllabus are Data Visualization through Tableau and PowerBI, Big Data Ecosystem, AI, ML, and Blockchain for managers. Aside from this, the syllabus also offers students a chance to undertake a capstone project and analyze the nitty-gritty of the subject by adopting a research and innovation-centric approach.

The eligibility to apply for the PGP in Strategic Business Analytics is holding a graduate degree from any recognized university. Students who are awaiting their results can also get enrollment provided they facilitate their passing certificate on or before the commencement of the program. It is also expected of students to have a thorough understanding of MS Excel. Aspirants can apply using their CAT, XAT, ATMA, MH-CET, CMAT, GMAT, MAT scores.

Admissions are closing soon for the year 2021. To find more information on MET’s programmes, click here.

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