Shri Gobind Hari Singhania, an innovative leader and prominent industrialist, founded JK Business School (JKBS) in 2006. It is a private institute that aims to provide high-quality education emphasizing academic achievement and developing young aspiring managers’ skills.

JKBS offers comprehensive development to its students, focusing on imparting information and understanding to help students in a global context, allowing them to lead in a borderless global society. It provides hundreds of possibilities for its students as they move along the path to achievement.

Why must you select JK Business School?

Still hesitant to make a decision? Don’t be concerned. Let’s look into some pillar-strong reasons to choose JKB schools over other schools.

  • The Govind Hari Singhania Global Immersion Scheme will help with international travel and student exchange programs.
  • IIMBx, e Delta Fitech, and Investment Management value-added courses
  • A placement rate of over 100%
  • Award-winning, successful start-ups
  • Center for entrepreneurial incubation
  • In the past three years, the average top placement was 16.17 lakhs.
  • Highest International Placement – 24 Lakhs

Programs provided by JKB School

PGDM Programme

The PGDM curriculum is similar to the IIMs and approved by the AICTE, a body under the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development. A rigorous, content-rich, self-contained curriculum gets appreciated for keeping up with the latest and most dynamic industry standards. You will discover a total cost of Rs. 5,99,100 for the entire program charged by the JKB school. The course includes Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing and Analytics, and lastly- Supply Chain Management and Analytics.

BBA Programme

It also has an excellent BBA program that is well-known around the country. Gurugram University in Haryana gets connected with the BBA program. The curriculum is three years long and consists of six semesters with a two-month summer internship.

BCA Programme

The BCA course is a full-time three years course. The program is designed to teach essential information & technical skills in the field of Information Technology. BCA subjects include database management systems, software engineering, operating systems, web technology, and computer languages such as HTML, C, C++, Java, and other emerging technologies.

Involvement of some motivational Speakers for the young aspirants’ rescue

JKB School believes that you should be motivated in all you do. What good is it to enrol in programs if you don’t have the motivation or drive to complete them? So, that’s when JKB Schools turn all the tables around.

This business school has come up with a leadership talk series. It is a never-missed opportunity where students can come across some country’s highly-achieved speakers with experiential learning and lessons for Young Scholars.

Speakers in this motivational speaking series discuss not just their success but also their highs and lows. If one can receive victory with open arms, then defeat should be treated similarly. Mr. Sikhar Gupta, a director at PWC, recently provided students with advice on creating their brand and staying competitive in the business. You may learn more about the motivational speakers and their sessions with students by visiting JKB School’s official website.

Placements and Internships offers

The institution, along with academics, is also known for its excellent internship and placement programs. Companies may recruit you for internships if you are knowledgeable in any fields listed below:-

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human resource
  • Logistics [Canada]
  • Marketing [Canada]
  • Operations/ Logistics
  • Sales, Media
  • Finance [Canada]
  • Digital Marketing

Further, talking about JKB School’s placements, the highest campus Placement and the highest international package is INR. 24.00 LPA with Quintica Group, Dubai, and the highest domestic placement package is INR 16.00 LPA with Acesis Service and limited. Some recruiters include EY [Ernst & Young], Quintica, Ameriprise Financial, Kotak, Berger Paints, BYJU’S, GATI, Decathlon, Flipkart and many more.


To promote excellence and reward meritocracy, JK Business School provides PGDM scholarships. The following are the goals of providing scholarships:

  • To encourage academic success at JKBS.
  • To recognize and honor excellent students’ efforts.
  • To foster and strengthen students’ competitiveness.
  • To motivate talented students to improve their grades each trimester.

Scholarships will get awarded to students who apply for admission based on their entrance tests [CAT, XAT, GMAT, MAT, CMAT] and rolling scholarships. JKB School also offers a Govind Hari Singhania Rolling scholarship to encourage pupils to do better. Every trimester, JKBS awards a scholarship equivalent to six-course credits (currently worth Rs. 21000) to the top 5% of the class in the program.

So, tell us what you’re waiting for now? JK Business School contains everything you could want. Get yourself enrolled with JK Business school, and your future will get handed in the right hands. Apply Now!

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