After nearly 2 years of sitting and communicating within the four walls of your home, the high vaccination rate has shown great promise. A beacon of light for the students, colleges have been slowly but steadily resuming their operations on campus. Students have been assembling in batches to their respective colleges and universities after a long journey of virtual education. However, the covid situation can never be taken for granted, and the protocols must continue to be followed in all aspects.

With colleges reopening, the advantages of a physical college experience are immense. It brings in an array of opportunities to engage with the faculty and the students on campus via the medium of clubs, events and interactions at the canteen with a hot cuppa!

Campus-based studies is a way to bring multiple perspectives to the fore. Different voices, backgrounds, and peers all contribute to a healthy learning experience. Social engagement with lecturers and fellow students is also possible with campus-based learning. This is crucial not just on a social level but also on an intellectual one since it allows students to discuss what they do and do not understand with one another and support one another. When you believe you don’t comprehend the subject, teachers can help.

The IFMR Graduate School of Business at Krea University has slowly opened its campus, ushering in students. With all the protocols in place, the University is working relentlessly to ensure no COVID breakouts or anyone’s health is compromised. While the entire student cohort is yet to arrive, a large portion of the batch have already completed their mandatory quarantine period and have started exploring the campus with great excitement.

Many students from the MBA batch of 2022, who joined IFMR GSB right in the middle of the raging pandemic in 2020, have set foot on campus for the first time last month. Finally, getting to see the campus in person, the students are making up for the lost time by engaging in many student activities, sports and fitness facilities, and the general infrastructure within the green, sustainable 40-acre campus.

Students have more choices than ever before, with institutions and courses no longer being the only dilemmas in a prospective student’s life. The decision of which method of study to undertake is proving to add undesired stress. With multiple study methods, a student’s choice is an ever-growing challenge. Hence, with the dilemma kicking in, a Hybrid model of education has become the new average, with choices being provided for students who choose to go ahead with either medium of instruction.


At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, IFMR GSB took immediate action and moved to a virtual learning mode without breaking the class continuity. With a good amount of students not being able to be present on campus, the hybrid educational cycle has become the foolproof way to optimise the process and ensure that each student is catered to in the best way possible. The learning process was streamlined aided by the latest technology and tools to ensure a seamless learning process. While online classes continue, IFMR GSB is also normalising hybrid classrooms.

Careful attention is also given to the lectures virtually because of geographical boundaries. These tech-enabled hybrid classrooms ensure physical distancing norms and create an engaging learning environment for participants. This format suits students attending classes in person and those who are learning remotely.

Prevention is better than cure. 

With the Covid situation and the fear of a potential third wave still lurking around, one might have second thoughts about campus learning. However, when it comes to IFMR GSB, all the protocols are followed to ensure a healthy learning environment without compromising the covid protocols.

Bringing the students to the campus has required a lot of planning, with the Chief Administrative Officer and the Office of Student Life on campus collaborating to ensure the safety of students, staff, and the general public on campus.

For a student to return, the student should be double-vaccinated, present a negative RT PCR test report, and quarantine as soon as they arrive on campus in a separate building dedicated for this purpose.

In addition to creating a safety bubble for all campus inhabitants, the University also has a strict rule of masks at all times, temperature checks on arrival, sanitisers in every corner, and social distancing protocols.

Owing to the partnership between Krea University and Kauvery Hospital, a doctor is present at all times who monitors everyone’s health, notifies the authorities in case there are any concerns or health risks, along with nurses on duty and an ambulance van on standby. This also includes oxygen concentrators for COVID-19 related emergencies. 

The University is also in close proximity to hospitals such as Kauvery Hospital, Shankar Nethralaya, Care Dental, and Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital. It has vehicles ready at all times for an emergency trip to Chennai and other nearby areas.

Students can slowly start transitioning back to in-person learning for a wholesome educational experience with all the measures in place. This is when students get the opportunity to live through several life-changing experiences, whether it is learning to do their things or understanding their capabilities. University life enables individuals to gain interpersonal skills, understand different ideas and stories, and learn the real-world ways. In other words, it is kind of a stepping stone to a world of experience, to prepare them for the future and know with rigour. And campus life at IFMR GSB assures just that and more!

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