MAT which means the Management Aptitude Test, is the second most important entrance exam for MBA in India after CAT. A student has to clear MAT with good scores to achieve admission in the reputed management colleges. More than eight hundred collages except for MAT scores during their admission process.

Here you will find helpful information about MAT examination syllabus, dates, mode of examination and all about the scoring pattern.

MAT Examination dates, mode, and time.

For starters, MAT is held four times in a year, February, May, September, and December. The exam is held in two ways online mode and paper based written exam. Students can opt for any mode whichever is comfortable for them. Both the exams are conducted in the same month only on different dates.

A student can even opt for both types of exam in that particular month, only a small amount of extra application fee would be needed to pay. Even though there are two modes most of the students prefer paper based writing exams.

Timing and level of difficulty

The MAT entrance exam for MBA is quite easy to crack compared to other MBA entrance examination. The two modes of solving the paper- online and paper based give a student an opportunity to opt for a comfortable one, which can result in good scores.

The timing to solve MAT paper is two and a half hours. The paper has objective questions which is another advantage as it saves the writing time. The MAT question paper is divided into five syllabi each of forty marks, so in total, the paper is of two hundred marks.

The overall difficulty level of solving these particular MAT exams can be considered from easy to moderate.

  • MAT syllabus and scoring pattern
  • MAT exams paper contain five sections mainly,
  • Language
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Data Analysis
  • Logical reasoning and Intelligence
  • Indian and foreign corporate and trending news and their environmental changes
  • All these sections have questions which are in total of forty marks.
  • Scoring Pattern and Composite Scoring

As it is now known that MAT Exams have objective questions. The objective test questions are those where the student has to have a very specific answer. The student has to answer in symbols like a tick before the right answer.

The correct answer will gain your plus one however, the wrong answer will deduct 0.25 from your achieved score. This is only a matter of concern for some students, but by answering those specific questions which a student is sure about can gain a handsome score.

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The score card of MAT displays the student’s scores out of eight hundred, not out of two hundred or one sixty. And the scores are calculated from the marks obtained in only four sections. The score of the fifth section of the Indian and global environment is separately mentioned in the card.

This type of scoring where the score is calculated on a total of eight hundred marks, not two hundred or one sixty is called composite scoring.

Hope the above information is helpful for the students appearing in February 2020.

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