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One of the major reasons behind the popularity of an MBA program is definitely the attractive salary package that graduates are offered by the industry. A high salary package does not only ensure a comfortable lifestyle for the students in the years ahead but also indicates the acceptance of the students’ skillset by the industry. However, often aspiring MBA candidates overlook finer details in the placement statistics provided by various B-schools. This article is in continuation of our effort to help students decide on a B-school wisely.

Generally, good B-schools attract a large number of companies every year. Besides adding new recruiters in their list each year, they usually have a few prominent companies visiting their campuses regularly. However, one important consideration here is the number of recruiters visiting the campus in comparison to the number of eligible students in each batch. The higher the ratio of recruiters to students, the higher is the probability of being placed!

Secondly, an MBA aspirant should not only look at the number of companies visiting a B-school but also check the kind of profiles being offered to its students. Often a few schools attract companies from a very narrow industry segment, or for a few specific job roles. It would be wise to check the variety of companies and the roles offered to MBA graduates.

Finally, check the salary packages properly. While students often target the highest salary package being offered, they forget to evaluate this in conjunction with the average and median salary. Remember that an exceptionally high salary package to a small number of students may skew the overall statistics. For example, you should decide wisely whether to choose a school with the highest salary package of Rs. 30 lakh P.A. obtained by 2 students, where the average salary package is Rs. 10 Lakh P.A. or to opt for a school with the same average salary package and the highest salary package of Rs. 15 Lakh P.A. obtained by 7 students. Remember to consider the number of students in each case too! Obviously, the decision will vary based on your own acceptance of risk.   

Here, we give you one bonus tip! Look at the number of chances that a student gets for being placed. Often B-schools restrict students from sitting for placement in another company, once (s)he is recruited. Also, summer training or extended internship enhances the probability of being recruited by a good company of your choice.

The MBA program of BITS Pilani has been well recognized by the industry over the years, which is evident from the salary packages offered to its graduates. Its placement process aims to match the requirement of the corporate world with the aspirations of the students. Most of the students are placed in the third semester, between the months of October and December. In the fourth semester, the students may opt for a structured and evaluative internship in companies for a period of 6 months as part of the Practice School (PS). These companies pay a handsome stipend to the students and often offer attractive jobs with excellent salary packages subsequently. Other than the placement process and Practice School, some students also receive pre-placement offers during their summer internship in the first year itself.

For a batch of 60-70 MBA students, BITS Pilani generally evokes the interest of 30+ recruiters. Recruiters from the IT industry, Banking and Financial Services, Consulting, Retail, Marketing Research, Tele-services, E-Commerce, Automobile and Aerospace, Retail, Healthcare etc. offer roles like Domain Specialist, Management Trainee, Business Consultant, Subject Matter Expert, Business Analyst, Business Development, Product Manager, Engagement Partner, Sales Manager, Research Analyst, Marketing Strategist, Operations Manager, Bidding Specialist, Business Associate etc. Some of the major recruiters in the last few years are Idea, JP Morgan Chase, Oracle, Aditya Birla Group (IT), Airtel, P & G, J & J, Credit Suisse, Capgemini, Genpact, HSBC, Cognizant, NBC bearings, Lindstrom, imshealth, HILTI, TCS, Sprinklr, Ernst & Young, Futures First, Indiamart and so on.

Reputed for its honesty and credibility, the institute publicly shares its placement statistics in the website of the Department of Management. 

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