Have you ever wondered how to keep yourself on the front foot in this ever-demanding career era? Our workplace is changing faster than ever, so our learning in an academic setting is becoming outdated even quicker. Upskilling is the latest development, learning buzzword and ‘Competitive’ benefit. It is now vital for a successful career. Companies that are looking to the future forecast their skillset gaps and align them with their succession plans. They are coming to understand that upskilling programs can be very effective. Now, the million-dollar question lies in the fact that those skills can be potentially beneficial.

Master in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the hottest degrees for skill development. The benefits of an MBA are applicable regardless of your industry or area of professional focus. However, some individuals may wonder if it’s worth pursuing an MBA, given the commitment involved. For those who plan to work in a managerial capacity, who have entrepreneurial aspirations, or with financial institutions, an MBA can help build the leadership skills required to succeed in those areas. By getting the masters, you more comprehend your job opportunities and increase your earning potential.

Pursuing an MBA from Top B-schools is the aspiration of many. One needs to work the extra mile to achieve this, but that being said, its doable. PaGaLGuY has created a complete guide on what TIPS to follow, and  increase your chances of selection at  top MBA schools in India & Abroad.

Score in Entrance Test

There are various screening exams conducted for admission in various B-School across India and Abroad. The most critical exams stand CAT (Common Admission Test), XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test), and GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). Ideally, the 90+ percentile in CAT and XAT are safe scores to target top B-Schools. A 730+ score is best if we talk about GMAT. 

Profile Building

B-Schools are not only focused on the candidate’s entrance exam score but also give weightage to their profile. Here we suggest methods for exceptional profile building.

  • Work Experience

A candidate with work experience is given slightly more preference over freshers as they better understand the professional world. The work experience of over 18 months, including the training period, is ideal. 

  • Internships

Internships act as a wonderful package to gain experience even before your actual job. This does not only enhance your skillsets but will also help you perform well during the B-school interview process. Particularly, there is no weightage for internships during the selection process, but it will allow you the flexibility to explore various career options before finalizing your MBA specialization. 

  • Startup Experience

Lately, the Indian government has been releasing robust aid for the growth of MSME sectors. Startup culture is new and successful in India, with new startups launching each day. Certain B-schools prefer candidates with startup experience to encourage their entrepreneurial skills. 

  • Volunteering Work with NGO

Students with volunteering experience in Non-Governmental Organizations are favourite for certain B-schools. Working in an NGO not only enhances your leadership qualities, social skills but is also a great place to network. This also gives a great understanding of microeconomic problems and how you can align your knowledge to resolve them. 

  • Certificate Courses

Certificate courses will always give you the flexibility to explore the subject of your interest and, at the same time, add glory to your profile. Certificate courses can safely fill your academic gap, if any. Certificate courses before your MBA benefit you in many ways.

  • Workshops, Conferences, and Live Projects

Brownie points alert! Workshops, Conferences, and Live Projects always work in your favour when it comes to B-school selection. This also reflects your better academic engagement. It also enhances your skills in so many different ways.

  • Extra-curricular activities and Positions of responsibility

Not many aspirants focus on this area, but these out-of-the-way activities are a way to portray your leadership skills, creativity, hard work, dedication, and all-rounder personality. One gets the preference over others as this is one of the differentiating factors.

This brings us to the end of this article. ‘It’s never too late,’ as they say; we’ve tried to cover all the key factors that can help you convert your ideal B-School. Begin working on it as soon as possible, just like you have for your admission entrance exam. We highly advise you to hone your existing skills &  hope this post helped you in some way.

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