How to Understand Your MAT Final Score?

MAT 2020

When you are looking at the results of your MAT examination it can seem confusing. However, there are going to be various scores that you will get, including a percentile, composite scores and sectional scores.

You should make sure that you know what these are and how you can convert them into the percentile scores if necessary. Here is everything that you would need to know so you can understand the score information that would be given to you after the examination.

Details Mentioned in Score Card

You are going to get a score card when the results come out and you need to be aware of the details it would contain.

The main information it would hold includes:

  • Scores that you obtained in the different sections like critical reasoning, data analysis, mathematical, sufficiency and intelligence and language comprehension
  • Composite score for all of the 4 sections
  • Score obtained for the Indian and global environment based sections
  • MAT percentile for every section and your overall percentile

These details are going to be important and they will let you know just how well you did on your examination. You should know that scores under the 200 level and above the 800 level are extremely rare along with having a sectional score below 20 or above 80. If your score is below the 200 level, then it is going to be shown as 199 and the same for above 800, which is shown as 801.

Scoring and Percentile Score

One thing to know is how the score is calculated and every section of the examination is given a score of 40 marks. Also, the score that you get during the Indian & Global environment based section aren’t going to be part of the final score.

The marks allotted would be 40, but when it comes to the composite score it is going to be on a scale of 0 up to 100. This number is then used to calculate the percentile score for all of the involved candidates.

You also need to know how to the percentage score is going to be calculated, which takes the entire composite score you earned and then divided by the number of total candidates and then multiplied by 100.

The percentile score is going to show you how many candidates would have scored a lower composite score than you during the examination, but it doesn’t show how many scored higher than you.

You need to know how the score is going to be shown to you and you will get all of the necessary information. Not only are you going to get the composite scores for all of the sections of the examination, but also the percentile score.

It is important that you are aware of the scoring ranges for the MAT examination and that you know how the percentile score is going to be calculated as well. The more you know about this, then the easier you can determine if the score you have received is correct.

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